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Ready for fairy dust?

Who am I?
Once upon a time, I did everything I was supposed to. I chased perfection the way children chase bubbles. I got good grades, played sports, went to college and then grad school… I really didn’t know what I wanted to do in life, except that I had plenty of dreams I had left behind as a child.

Over the years, my outer perfection remained a facade, but it seemed my inner perfection was crumbling. I felt depressed, cried often and for no reason, and sometimes couldn’t cry at all, developed chronic headaches and fatigue, and generally felt like I was sinking into a hole I didn’t know how to escape from.

When I finally picked myself up, I moved across the country under the guise of going back to school again. But within a short time, it was clear to me that school was not my purpose. I just didn’t know what was. I didn’t know what I should be doing, only that I felt lost.

Until I found myself. Through a random set of circumstances (isn’t that always the way?) I found myself signed up for a Hypnotherapy and Past Life Regression certification course. From day one, I knew I had found the key to my purpose in life. Never having done hypnotherapy (or past life regressions) before, I suddenly found myself able to tap into a part of myself that had been lost years ago. My inner child woke up and began to dance with me, sharing stories and dreams long lost. I began to hear whispers of what I was supposed to do, where I should go, and the steps I needed to take. Never religious, but always spiritual, I found a connection with a divine source I had never experienced before.

I began to work with women, and my calling became clear to me. To create safe spaces for women to be empowered and to hear messages from the divine source within them and within the universe. I believe that every woman I work with has a purpose, and I believe that when you reach deep into your subconscious, you’re able to move away all the clutter and see the truth.

That’s what I can help you with: To see the truth, to find answers and clarity when everything seems like chaos. I can help you to create a safe space to heal and tap into your deepest purpose.

Who are you?
A woman who feels that deep down you know the answers to your questions, but they’ve been blocked for so long that you don’t know how to access them. You may be afraid to trust yourself, allowing the weight of others’ opinions to get tangled up with your own. You want to learn to listen to your own wisdom, to release fears that are holding you back, and to feel like you’re living your life without regrets.

You are likely a highly sensitive person, often needing time alone to recover from what feel like blasts of energy you receive from others.

Your emotional wounds may manifest as autoimmune disease, fibromyalgia, food sensitivities, sugar addiction, emotional eating, chronic fatigue syndrome, and other chronic health problems.

You are ready to dig deep and let your guard down, even though you may not actually know how to do that. You are willing to show up for yourself in each session, knowing that you are worth the time and energy.

You may consider yourself religious, spiritual, atheist or agnostic. You may believe in God, the Goddess, many goddesses, spirit guides, or simply a higher power. I’ve worked with clients of Muslim, Mormon, and Jewish faith, as well as Catholic and other Christian faiths. You may believe in past lives, be unsure where you stand, or think they’re a bunch of baloney. We will always work within your own belief system. Ultimately, what matters is that you believe in your own power. Even if you’re having trouble feeling it right now, you know that it exists. It is this power within you that we will draw on in our sessions.

What can I help you with?
Our sessions can focus on specific questions or more general issues. Many of my clients come to me when they’re feeling stuck emotionally or physically, and feel like they’ve tried everything else. Some areas that I work on often are:

  • Physical pain, chronic health issues, autoimmune disease
  • Emotional eating, binge eating, sugar addiction, cravings
  • Learning to trust yourself and your inner wisdom, find your voice, create better boundaries
  • Life purpose

What are my clients saying?

  • That was the most amazing mental journey I have EVER taken, and I did NOT want to leave that place. The work you do is like magic, amazing. -Rebecca, Washington
  • Each session was very different from every other session, but each was moving and insightful, and left me with tools that I can use to approach my daily challenges. I think that this work has given me a different way of looking at chronic pain, which may ultimately be life changing. -Betsy, Massachusetts
  • It is just beautiful working with Iris. She has no judgment and guides you through such an amazing healing process that I would recommend it to anyone. Sessions with Iris have helped me move through some very stubborn old issues that have been really holding me back and while it is gentle, it has been so powerful for me. Her work has helped me feel stronger and more supported than I have ever felt with other therapy. -Natalie, Utah 
  • Once our sessions were done, I found a path to finally take back control of my weight loss and my life. I’ve lost 10 pounds and found out way more than I could have imagined about my body’s needs. Thank you, Iris! You definitely were the stepping stone I needed to get back on track. I know now how to listen to my body. -Meg, Illinois
  • Hypnotherapy with Iris has done more than 20 years of psychology and counseling have done. I feel more inner strength. It takes time, but I don’t feel like I am broken or destined to always hate myself. -Brie, Virginia

How does it work?

  • We will meet on the phone (or skype for clients outside the U.S.) for at least 60 and up to 90 minutes per session. The length will depend on your needs. However, you should set aside a full 2 hours so that you can write down the lessons you learned after the session. You’ll want those to refer back to. It’s important that you pick a time when you are alone (if you have children, they MUST be taken care of by someone else during this time; nap time  doesn’t work because you won’t be able to relax enough). Most of my clients prefer to lie in bed or on the couch, with headphones on so their hands are free. It also usually works to put me on speaker phone.
  • We will very briefly (5 minutes or less) discuss your goals for the session, which may be specific (e.g. wanting to curb your sugar cravings or decide if you should take a new job offer) or general (decrease stress or feel healthier). You’ll have an opportunity to let me know in your intake if you are interested in past life regressions, and if you are, we may use that option if it feels right to the situation. I let your subconscious lead me, so we only go into a past life regression if you choose to and it is relevant to healing your current issue.
  • I will lead you in a 10-15 minute guided meditation for relaxation, followed by a hypnotherapy session in which we will be in dialogue. I will be your guide during this session, but you will be completely aware and in control at all times.
  • After your session, I encourage you to spend 30 minutes writing down your experience so that you can refer back to it. Although you are completely aware and remember everything after a session, many of my clients find that the memories fade within a few days, and they like to have everything written down for clarity.