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6 Features of Top Field Service Management Software

With the challenges faced by service companies and departments, their management can be an uphill task especially when the entire process is manual. However, the invention of field service management software has made this task easier. This can be achieved when the selected software has top qualities as discussed here.

1. Flexibility

Top field service management (FSM) software needs to allow for interaction of devices between different platforms. By limiting your technicians and customers to one platform or device, they may be unable to access the services. When the software allows the technicians and clients to run on whatever devices they wish, the efficiency of service delivery is improved. For example, the field service management software needs to allow all users to access and record their work on Android, iOS and Windows without complications.

2. Seamless Flow of Information

For the desired efficiency to be achieved, the flow of information from office to the field and from field back to office needs to be seamless. By integrating mobile and back office systems into the software, this flow can be achieved. Schedulers are able to dispatch technicians to the field who receive automated alerts and instructions. Once they are on site, the technicians can then collect information and send it back to office for analysis hence streamline operations.

3. Versatility

It is essential for field service management software to accept working with other systems. The company has other needs such as accounting, enterprise resource planning (ERP) and customer relationship management (CRM). These are run by other unique systems and software. FSM software needs to be compatible with such systems for overall efficiency in all operations of the company.

4. Offering Oversight

By allowing GPS tracking, FSM software enables the improvement of oversight of the field workers. GPS validates the precise location of field technicians, their distance from the site of job and the time they actually arrive at the site. It is also able to show when a technician leaves the prescribed work area. FSM software can also facilitate regulatory compliance by allowing users to access and transmit the needed regulatory information.

5. Cloud-based Solutions

Businesses are increasingly migrating towards cloud based software. This is especially important for systems that perform more complex tasks as opposed to a few basic tasks. When the software is in the cloud, it enables the leverage of many resources maximizing on the efficiency and decreasing the costs of operation. Therefore, top FSM software needs to have cloud-based solutions.

6. Capabilities for Service Reporting and Analysis

A lot of service analysis and reporting is seen in field service management. It is used to measure elements such as the performance, customer satisfaction and efficiency which are used to improve service delivery. Top FSM software should have these capabilities.

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