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5 Tips for Handling Leak Detection in Food Packaging

If you let your food product leaks unchecked, they could be a menace to your financial significance or implication. For you to get the problems fixed, you will have to spend a significant amount of money. This is one thing that most people fail to understand when it comes to fixing the food packages leaks. Therefore, it is always imperative to have the leaks tested for all food products as well as their packaging. In the end, the food manufacturer will save more money if they work to have leaks tested. To avoid running into a bad reputation as well as losing money in the process, you will need some more money as an investment in the leak detecting equipment. It is also imperative to understand the leak detection process.

The condition of the can is one of the things that determine the safety of the food inside. In the canned food, it is very easy to gain contamination if they are subjected to any leaks at any time. It is a good practice for all packaging manufacturers, as well as the food packers, to check for any irregularity that can arise from the food packages. This is because it is a sign of leak detection equipment.

1. Altitude Simulation Technique

This is one of the most important methods used to test leaks in food packages. In fact, they are more important when they are used to test for leaks when the products are shipped through the air. This is one of the best tests that help the packaging industries as well as the manufacturers to ensure they will not collapse if they are in the high altitudes in the air. Because you will not have to use the test in the moving air craft, all you need is the vacuum chamber to see the difference it makes.

2. Bubble Emission Test

This is one of the perfect techniques that can be used for products as well as a foodstuff that will be used in the air. For you to check for bubbles, you will submerge the products into the water. The seal’s bursting point will be used to determine the strength of the packaging material used in this method.

3. Gas leak Detection

This is a process that involves taking the leaks on the product sample you want to measure. In fact, consider it to be one of the most effective ways to test for leaks in this industry. Moreover, it is also used to trace any openings in these items. This is also the leak detection method that is used to involve the dry chambers for gas detection as well as other gases including Hydrogen, helium, and carbon dioxide. If you consider the use of this leak detection method, ensure you learn more about its use.

4. The Dry Chamber Method

This is an ideal method that most packers, as well as food packaging industries, use for sealing products like milk. The dry chamber leak detection method involves placing the food products in the chamber used for testing and subject it to a vacuum. In this case, you will be drawing the vacuum chamber through the through the absorbent product covering material.

5. Leak Detector

There is a wide range of leak detectors used in the industry as we speak. The leak detector is one of the widely used capabilities in the industry because it has animated solutions in its openings. It is used to test for rigidity and flexibility on the packaged foods. The seals will also be checked to ensure they are tight enough to hold the food materials for the long journeys.

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