Monday, October 7, 2013

Two Months to Go + A Free Meditation for Women

Hi Friends,

Iris here. Just stopping in to say hello, to see how you're all doing with your own gluten-free health challenges (for those of you doing it), and to give you some updates on what's going on over at Your Fairy Angel.

Four months into the Gluten Free Health Challenge, I am inspired on a daily basis by what I've learned from the women taking the challenge. Amy, Marisa, Rebecca, Rose, Marie, Shannon, and Dorothy have all shown commitment and courage in their lives. Our coaches have been absolutely amazing, and I am so grateful to each and every one of them for the time and energy they've put into this project. And I have to give a special shout out to Stella, our fearless Facebook friend, who keeps us all motivated by her dedication to her health.

With two months to go, I know that this challenge has given me the time and space that I needed to be ready to let go of this blog at the end of November. Of course, I'll keep the blog up so you'll have access to the recipes, but I know the time is right to put all my focus and energy into my hypnotherapy work and group programs.

And with that being said, I created a free meditation for women (focusing on releasing anger) that you can access at Your Fairy Angel. I use this meditation myself when I know I'm feeling a lot of anger or fear, and I find I get new insights each time. All you have to do is sign up for my newsletter there (which basically means you'll be getting blog posts from me there instead of here). Yes, the meditation is the carrot (or the gluten-free cake), and yes, I'm trying to lure you over there. I'm just letting go of this blog. I still love you!

What else? 
On October 20th, I'll be starting a Body Love Cleanse, which I created for women who are ready to start loving their bodies again. Right now, I'm holding an early bird registration special, which will end on October 14th. I would love to have you join the group of women who have already begun to sign up. You can learn more about the Body Love Cleanse here

Back in July, I wrote a post that has gotten over 100,000 views (which is kind of crazy for me). If you've been reading The Daily Dietribe since I began, you'll know that my views on food have changed a lot since I began writing here. You can read my "Open Apology to My Weight Loss Clients" at Your Fairy Angel.

Oh, and I cut my hair! Long curls gone. I'm sure I'll write about it eventually at Your Fairy Angel. Not surprisingly for me, there was a long thought process that went into this, with a very long journal entry filled with pros and cons. Do most people spend that much time thinking about cutting their hair? Do most people then find themselves wanting to go even further and just shave it all off? Or is that just me?

Just me? Okay...

Sending you all lots of love,

p.s. If you join me over at Your Fairy Angel, do send me an e-mail or stop by my Facebook page to say hello.

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