Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Rebecca's Balancing Act: Happily Married and Getting Back on Track

newly married couple, Rebecca and Damian

Ah weddings. Boy do they derail your life!  I'll bet you are expecting this post to be all about the wedding. Honestly, I am sooo ready to move on - it was great, just like a movie, absolutely loved it. It took over every waking moment of my life for months, and directly my habits and lifestyle. I survived, enjoyed, and treasured it. Now, I am ready to be married.

So, to sum up, met my weight goals (juiced for the last two weeks; it's amazing how that works!), got everything built, my family got along well enough, and yep, we ended up married. Ate yummy gluten-free pasta at the wedding, but did have a bite of regular old cake.  Went to Victoria in Canada, slept for a week, and came home.  Well, I should say we slept and ATE for a week.  All those good habits?  Out The Door!  I knew I'd splurge for a few days, but I have to admit it turned into two weeks.

                      Juicing pre-wedding

That's what I really want to write about.  I turned back to dairy, meat and wheat and indulged SO MUCH!  I felt sluggish, tired, and yet oh so good.  No big deal, until a few days turned into a week, then two weeks. 

I went back to feeling bloated, uncomfortable, and also so frustrated at myself for "ruining everything".  It wasn't until my phone call with coach Ellen yesterday morning that I realized I was being over-dramatic.  I hadn't ruined anything.  I could still tap into all the good habits I'd learned. I could still do things that were positive for my health.

So, she asked what I could do that day for health.  I had the day off, so I could go for a much-needed hike in the woods.  And I DID! While talking, I also realized I had an un-tapped resource in my mom who has planned a home-cooked meal every day of her adult life, and that she could help create a habit of meal-planning with a simple weekly call.  I called and told her I wanted to do this with her, and she was supportive and delighted.  It will be a stretch for her for do gluten and dairy free, but she's more than willing!

on a hike to Salt Water State Park

Since then, instead of worrying about my next ten meals or the 'bad' thing I ate, I have simply been asking myself at each moment, what is the best thing I could do right now to support myself and stay healthy.  It has taken the pressure off of me to be perfect now and forever, and only asks me to make the best decision I am equipped to make in the moment.  Sometimes in the moment I will only be equipped to stop at one taco from Taco Bell, other times I will be equipped to hike ten miles and eat raw veggies.  As long as I am kind to myself and do my best in the moment, I think I'll be okay.

So, yes, I leapt off the gluten-free dairy free bandwagon and ate with wild abandon.  But I know I don't want that lifestyle, and am back to nurturing myself.  Thanks for being patient while I was away! 

THIS WEEK'S KEY TO SUCCESS: Focusing on the "one thing" I can do right now to best support my health.




Matthew @ Lasik for Your Surgeon said...

I miss Taco Bell so much :(

Anonymous said...

It's nice that you can fall off the wagon every once in a while, and enjoy foods with wheat and dairy. Some people can't do that, like my husband who has wheat and dairy allergies. Just saying, be thankful that you can indulge once in a while without any severe reaction, except for maybe feeling sluggish. Lol. I used to love Taco Bell too, but now I like homemade tacos just as much. Since my husband is GF, I use my own spices for seasoning, to avoid gluten, and MSG that can be in packaged seasonings. (chili powder, smoked paprika, cumin, and salt) Congrats to the newly weds !


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