Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Rebecca's Balancing Act: Home Cooking and Dancing the Night Away

Ah gluten free challenge, I feel I am failing you.  I am successfully staying away from bread and pasta, the 'biggies' on a gluten plate, but flour tortillas and soy sauce have both snuck in.  Argh.

BUT you know I have been trying to cook more, and in my last post I said I had decided to ask my mom to work with me on weekly meal planning.  We've done it for two weeks now and I've made four home-cooked dinners - YEA!  Three of the dinners were okay, but last night's Tomato and White Bean soup was SO GOOD!  Damian literally licked his bowl clean :-)  It's from the Gluten Free Vegan Cookbook, as were the stuffed bell peppers which were really good, but I needed to cook the peppers longer or roast them first.  It's my favorite cookbook these days!

Cooking success!  But still eating a LOT and Taco Bell snuck in a few more times.  Tonight I realized that one of the things that would help is if we make a rule that all food in this house must be eaten at the dining table.  Like, we can eat *anything* we want - chips, ice cream (for him), whatever, but it has to be at the dining table.  We've been snacking in front of the TV too darn much lately!  Damian's game for making healthier choices, but we are kind of bad for each other's motivation.  We get home from the day at work SO tired.

But there were other successes - we spent last Sunday at the beach and in a long walk through the woods, with a picnic of Kale Salad and other good foodies at the end.  SO NICE!  And we went dancing at an 70's/80's costume party and did the Cha Cha and Swing and Hustle for two hours - it was AWESOME!  I am so lucky to have a dancing partner who can REALLY dance!

I also hired an assistant, and once she is up and running, that should free me up a little to add my walks back in - I hope!  It will be amazing to have help in the office. I had to rearrange and redecorate the office in anticipation of a helper; the changes feel great!

My big struggle is just that now, without the wedding, I have lost my drive, my short term reason that was creating so much health success for me, and the longer term goal of a healthy life just isn't quite the same motivator.  On the other hand, I am going to see my mom in January and don't want to show up pudgy and unhealthy when my own habits were starting to motivate her to make more nutritious choices too. I am also going to get new head shots for work soon thereafter, and I certainly want to look my professional best for those.  So, I guess I need to find a way to keep those smaller motivators front and center.  

Or maybe just plan another wedding.  Kidding!

THIS WEEK'S KEY TO SUCCESS: Cooked twice from scratch!!

THIS WEEK'S PERSONAL CHALLENGE: Drink 1 liter water! Daily!

Pic 1 - won the costume contest at an 80's dance party - best night of the month!

Pic 2 - Rivalee Design headquarters refreshed and reorganized office ready for a helper at my side!

Pic 3 - still juicing, though not regularly



Michelle T said...

Sounds like you are on the path to success! I find the effects of eating healthy and exercise to be enough motivation! I actually cooked this week for the first time in about a month. I made "tuna un-burgers." They were awesome! :)

Dorothy said...

Rebecca, reading your post made me feel so happy. I can feel the joy in your life. Woohoo!!! Yay!!! Dorothy


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