Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Marisa's Menu: Too Much of a Good Thing

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A new season is upon us.  I very much enjoy this feeling of renewal, and change.  I also have very good associations with the month of October in general.  So for the most part, I am feeling quite good about the month itself.  I will try to ignore the fact that a colder, less enjoyable to me weather shift will soon follow.  And perhaps I can also find a way to move forward faster than I might have in the past during one of my many hiccups.

In prior posts, I have talked about two recurring themes in regards to how my emotional state can easily be jeopardized by my physical state, and vice versa.  In one instance I referred to it as the teeter totter effect.  And in others, I simply have vented about how challenging it sometimes can be just to live day to day, in an effort to BE healthy and BE me.  What IF someone had to BE me for a day.  How on earth would I write the manual for that?  What a complete and total pain in the ass.  If taking my place for a day was an actual job opportunity, and I was creating an online ad for the position, I can’t even fathom how I could make this sound appealing. My point is that I’m back to the teeter totter, AND the venting about the challenging aspects that sometimes cause just enough frustration to make me just want to be fed BY someone else - be it a personal chef, or my nutrients fed to me via an IV.  

The past two weeks have consisted of two separate breakouts of hives, some horrible inflamed skin rashes on my face, joint pain, debilitating ice pick headaches, and a good dose of respiratory allergy type symptoms.  And WHAT triggered all of this nonsense this time?  Oh, it was a cumulative host of things - no ONE thing caused it.  I managed to eat the perfect storm of foods, all so rich in histamine, and eaten day after day, likely in an excess of the amounts I normally would be having of said foods.  And my body simply reached a threshold where it could no longer tolerate it, and it let me know.  The funny thing was that the “last straw” which caused the immediate throat closing, sneezing my head off, and suddenly sick out of nowhere - was two bites of a spinach salad with bacon dressing.  Are you kidding me?  I eat a specific diet - one that is known to successfully heal the gut, and this very diet is so high in certain levels of histamine that my poor, compromised body has a capacity level on how much of these healing foods it can process?  Well, OF COURSE it does.  I am not surprised. So you really can get too much of a good thing.  In my case, the good things were spinach, fermented vegetables, strawberries. cinnamon, anise, and the pineapple/vinegar based salsa I had made for myself.  I had quite a bit of all of those particular foods during the course of a week, along with bacon, and my broth that I eat (which contains meat - and it was leftover meat that I stored in the fridge).  AND I also enjoyed some tasters of gluten free cider at the beer place in our neighborhood. It was so nice to not just be the observer for a change, as everyone was trying the new craft beer tap releases. I actually got to try a few ciders. And only the taster size (it was not like I drank bottle after bottle). We are talking a matter of a few ounces at a time. When I want to try a bottled cider, I always make sure someone else is there with me to basically drink the majority of it, as I already am aware that I have to limit my apple intake.

Limited release Crispin bird on a wire Cider

My amazing health coach, Eryn has helped work through this particular learning curve with me.  As frustrated as I was, and as bad as I felt, I really am glad that this happened so I could be aware that I HAVE a threshold.  It also was a great reminder to try harder to rotate my foods. I tend to get on kicks - especially when I like something.  Liking a food that I can actually HAVE is like a dream come true for me. So sometimes I get a little too enthusiastic about that food.  In this instance, I was just determined to heal my gut, and figured I could triple my intake of fermented veggies, and perhaps that annoying gut of mine would heal faster.  Instead it sent my body into a state of immune alert, and I felt like crap. Luckily I have access to my integrative provider locally, so I was able to get a fast dose of some vitamins and minerals by infusion, to jump start the healing, along with the work my health coach and I are doing for my daily modifications to help nourish my body safely.

This journey I am on is never boring.  I learn something new every single day, which I am so grateful for.  Lesson learned this time:  It seems that I am lacking in certain enzymes that would be needed for my body to properly metabolize foods that are higher in histamines.  All of this can be worked out, as Eryn and I are currently discussing.  So now that the hives have vanished, and I am feeling significantly better, I am going to look at this as a very cool representation of how our bodies really are designed to function perfectly, and communicate to us when something is off kilter.  I am so glad that I listen to mine.

Next week, I will elaborate on the teeter totter and venting part of this situation………...


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