Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Marisa's Menu: Chaos and Clutter

With Aunt Marcia at Grunauer Oktoberfest 2013

It is definitely time to rid myself of clutter.  I've reached a point where I am so incredibly busy, that the very last thing in the world I have time or a desire to do is de-clutter.  But because the state of my schedule is currently somewhat crazy for the time being, and it is temporarily going to be a challenge to stay grounded and balanced, that probably means having less clutter would be even more beneficial than ever.

With cousins David and John at Hagoyah

My thoughts right now are definitely indicative of the clutter around me.  I am having a hard time even writing this blog post.  So here's to a week of some serious de-cluttering -- of my physical surroundings, AND of my mind.  Keep me accountable readers.  I need it.

So, I am trying to break things down, chip away at a few tasks per day. And no matter what, I am hoping that being stretched thin will NOT impact my yoga practice or the time I am giving to myself for balance and especially rest.

I don't know what happened.  I swear at the end of August, I felt that I somewhat had a handle on things.  But as it usually does, life just took over, and every possible opportunity arose at the same time.  And then, within the past few weeks, a rush of out of town friends and family have been visiting as well.  The weekends have not been true weekends.  Free time is scarce.  

The great news is that opportunities did arise. I could not be more grateful.  I also got to see friends and family who I have missed, and it was so nice to see them.  But the part of me that needs balance, as well as my autoimmune issues, has made all of the good things more stressful than enjoyable.  Luckily, Eryn, my health coach in this gluten-free challenge has been a huge help in keeping me on track, and reminding me of the areas I tend to lose sight on when I become overwhelmed.

Some of the highlights have been:
* Opportunity at my main yoga studio, in the capacity as an employee versus a customer.  The energy there is off the charts awesome.  I could not be happier about this. They show an appreciation for each and every person who walks through the door, and the sincerity of it is heartwarming.
* Opportunities with a few different independent businesses (none of whom are yet at a place where they can afford to pay anyone).  But I am so passionate about these endeavors that my interest was never about a salary in the first place.  I simply love promoting things I believe in.
* Visits from folks I love, such as my dear cousins who moved to San Diego over a year ago.  They used to be our neighbors and my closest friends.  I feel lost sometimes without them because I miss them so much.  But I am so happy that they moved to a place where they are so incredibly happy.  Having them pop in town briefly was amazing. Seeing how happy they are was inspiring and comforting. My Aunt Marcia came in for a few days from Indiana. And my friends Eliot and Brent visited from Chicago. Then soon after they left, one of our friends, Eli James stopped through Kansas City via his North American tour. And then within two days, Julie and Matt stopped through for just under 24 hours from Minneapolis. Julie and I share some of the same food intolerances. So it was great having a dining buddy who truly understands my issues. It has been a revolving door of visitors. Wonderful, but tiring.

Post-It note in the break-room at Hagoyah 


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