Saturday, September 14, 2013

Shannon Speaks: Gluten Free Expo

Last weekend, hubby and I trekked to North Jersey for the Gluten Free Expo.  It was awesome!!!!  It cost $20 to get in, and every single table had samples of products. The first table we stopped at was for cookbooks.  While the hubby was talking to the guy at the table, I thought, "I've seen the cover of these before."  So while I'm looking at it, I realized why. It's the baking cookbooks that our own Fairy Angel co-wrote. Duh on me!

As we headed to the next row, we were greeted with beer, lots and lots of beer.  There were several brands that weren't completely GF but were treated so that the gluten was mostly "eaten" out of the beer, leaving it as less than 5 ppm.  Being that I don't have the outward reactions, I tried them.  They tasted exactly like "real" beer! Then we moved on and tried New Planet Beer, which is 100% GF, made with no gluten materials so that it has to be removed.  We tried all 5 of their beers and they were amazing.  I was excited to find out that it's also sold at a liquor store by my house. I did see it at another store and the only thing that sucked was that it was $14 for a 4 pack!  So expensive.

We tried a bunch of different foods, including a ton of bread. We tried products that are sold nationally as well as some mom and pop places that one can order the products and have them shipped nationally. All in all, I can't say that there was a single item that I tried that I didn't like. I completely geeked out the whole day.

From there, we drove over the bridge and went to the Bronx to watch the Red Sox/Yankees game. I did my research in advance only to find that there weren't a lot of GF options at Yankees Stadium (yet another reason I don't like the team haha). They sold Redbridge, and had a single cart that offered GF hot dogs and sausage sandwiches on GF bread, as well as pudding and soft serve ice cream. I was still so stuffed from the Expo that I wasn't even hungry. Best part?  Red Sox beat the Yankees, 13-9.

After the game, we decided to hunt for dinner. Thanks to my Find Me Gluten Free app, we wound back up in Secaucus at Cheeseburger in Paradise. Their menu is in the process of being revamped, so there wasn't a GF menu, but our waiter was great. He answered all of my questions or sought out the answer to my question. They offered GF buns and a dedicated fryer, so I got to have fries!  All in all, it was a very successful day, full of super yummy food.


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