Saturday, September 21, 2013

Shannon Speaks: Catch Up

So, not too much has been going on, which I guess is a good thing.  My “real” job has started back up, so no more being stuck in an office with 3 twenty-somethings, all newly engaged, obsessively going on and on about their wedding Pinterest boards and being catty and snarky behind each other’s back.  Instead I’m back at school, where sometimes the teachers act worse than the students.  Only upside?  I’m not stuck at a cubical in a small office.  I can walk away from the drama.

Now, it’s all about managing the stress of the school year.  Between the kids, administration, a new curriculum, new state standards and a new evaluation system, which is all being thrown at us at once, it is a bit overwhelming.  I need to start to schedule yoga classes into my daily routine.  I kind of fell off of it for a bit, but I definitely need to get back to it.  I noticed that I felt more clear headed and my body started to tone up and get more firm.  Yup, I’m definitely scheduling yoga in for myself.

I started to run a few weeks back.  It was sometime in August when I was at my summer job. I had a horrible day and was just in a nasty mood.  When my hubby got home, he changed to go for a run at the boardwalk.  He told me to change to go with him, get some fresh air and go for a walk (running wasn’t my forte).  I was nasty to him, I can admit it.  But he never lets me get away with it.  He told me to man up, get over my crap mood and get my ass in gear. Since I was already acting like a bratty kid, I decided I was only going to do the 2 miles instead of the 3.  That would fix him, by me skimping on a workout for myself.  Well, I chose to try and run the mile back.  I tried running last summer, but I sucked.  And like I’ve mentioned in the past, if I’m not good at something the first few times, I quit.  I was stoked that I ran a mile faster than I walked it.  Definite improvement from the previous summer. Losing the weight made it easier and faster for me to run.  Go figure. 

So I would run 2-3 days a week and try to build my mileage.  Last week I was maxed out at 1 ½ miles.  On Tuesday, I was running late getting home and had my call with Georgia.  I knew I wanted to run before our call, so instead of driving out to the boardwalk, I used "map my run" and planned a route in my development.  My total mileage for that was 1.87 miles.  I was super stoked.  Furthest run I’ve ever done.  I decided on Wednesday that I was going to try for 2 full miles.  I got changed and headed to the boardwalk, set my ipod to shuffle through all of the Eminem songs on it and started to warm up with a walk.  I got to where I started running, and I went.  I’m not fast by any means, but right now it’s about mileage not speed.  I was running into a south wind that was smashing into me, easily at 15-20mph.  I made it through the mile to the end of the boardwalk, turned around and headed back.  Once I made it to the 2 mile mark, I decided that I felt good, and I was going to try for closer to 2 ½.  Made it to that and kept going.  I forced myself to stop when I finished 3.2 miles (5k distance – that was my goal).  I wanted to run one next month to benefit the Seaside fire department after the fire that burned down part of the boardwalk I grew up on.  I was so excited, I started jumping around and whooping.  People were looking at me like I was insane.  Definitely proud of myself and those moments are very few and far between.  Now it’s all about continuing to be consistent in running so I can add more mileage and get faster.  Pride in oneself is a greater “high” than runner’s high.


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Dorothy said...

Shannon, I am so happy for you. And proud for you too! That is so awesome, being able to run that far, see the progress, know that you did it by yourself, for yourself. I am jumping up and down for you too. AWESOME.


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