Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Rebecca's Balancing Act: Eating Meat Again


So, I've been eating a vegan diet since about a month before we all started this challenge.  While it makes me feel great and really helped me increase the amount of veggies and fruit I ate, it was not leading to one of my personal goals - to reach 135 pounds by the wedding.  With a month to go, I got fed up and flipped my diet.  

It is working. With that simple change, I have dropped over three pounds in about a week and a half.  What?  I am actually kind of annoyed by that.

Obviously I am not annoyed by the fact I've lost weight, I am delighted!  I DO NOT WANT BACK FAT hanging over my strapless dress.  Ugh.  BUT month ago, Damian and I watched Forks Over Knives and found it really compelling for health reasons to mostly eliminate animal products from our diets.  I really do want to eat that way.  I also want to be skinny.  Can I have both?  I am curious to know other people's experiences in this regard.

It has been an amazing journey leading up to this wedding.  Learning to accept help, creating some healthier habits, trying to create balance between work and life.  I am proud of myself for what I have achieved.

Areas I want to work on:  Journaling.  I think I got in all of two entries since I last posted.  So much for nightly journaling   I really want that back in my life.  Exercise.  We've been relatively good about taking walks, but they haven't been nightly the last couple of weeks.  Really don't want to lose that habit.  I know it's crunch time with the wedding, but still.  Last, work.  Being able to tell clients that I can meet them in October, and then having the list of projects dwindle down with nothing to replace them has been so incredibly nice.  Exhilarating even.  It's like finally stepping off the hamster wheel.  A hamster wheel I created myself.  I am not sure how to learn from that when I get back to work, but I need to!

Wedding countdown: 
- 19 days as of writing this post!
- Success - under 140 by nearly 3 pounds.  They might be little numbers, but they make this bride really happy!

THIS WEEK'S KEY TO SUCCESS: Pausing my vegan lifestyle and adding meat back in as my protein source.

THIS WEEK'S PERSONAL CHALLENGE: Keep up the hydration!  

Pic 1 - backyard last month, steeply sloped, ugly bald grass

Pic 2 - backyard this week, concrete terracing, new deck, new trees (yet to be planted)

Pic 3 - our initials carved into the concrete (awwww :-)


Miachel @ Spiced Curiosity said...

Interesting! I'm not a health professional, so I can only reflect on my own experiences and what I've read.

I was raised a vegetarian, and I've fluxed between being vegan and "pescetarian." I've never noticed a different in my weight between these two diets. Regardless of eating meat or no meat, I notice I lose the most weight when: 1) I drink water when I feel hungry between meals (sometimes I'm just thirsty and don't know it); 2) each meal feature lots of fiber; and 3) I don't eat empty carbs (baked goods, tasty fries, etc).

Dunno if that helps...but good luck with the last few pounds! And congrats on the wedding. :)

Dorothy said...

Rebecca, I can't believe your wedding is this weekend!!!! It was wonderful to read all your good news. The weight loss. Your backyard photos look amazing. Absolutely beautiful!!! I can't wait to see photos of the wedding/reception. I hope you post some for us. Good luck with the last little weight loss. I know you are going to be a BEAUTIFUL BEAUTIFUL bride. I'm super, super, super, super, super duper happy for you. XOXO

Marisa Bode said...

Having eaten vegetarian and eventually adding fish after over 10 years, I can also speak to the whole adding meat thing. I was forced to add meat (also right after watching Forks over Knives). Very frustrating timing.

HOWEVER, the positive changes I have seen and felt since listening to my body, and adding another protein source have validated that I did the right thing for ME. We are very selective in our meat choices though. Grass fed, no hormones, animals who were treated humanely, and not fed grain. I feel like if the animal is eating greens, then I am likely deriving good plant based protein sources from that animal, as well as the minerals and nourishment I can't get elsewhere.

I don't know if I ever would have started gaining strength, mental clarity, and muscle (I finally have lean muscle mass after 10 years of nothing), if I had not added an additional protein source. And I also think for ME , it had a lot to do with the adding of FATS, both in the meat, and other sources of fats.

When I was a vegetarian, I ate a very low fat diet. I now recognize that the low fat way of eating was actually causing me to gain weight, and not properly be able to burn calories. The combination of fat & protein was a missing component to my body working efficiently, and ultimately allowing me to be the size I was intended to be, as well as feeling better than I had in years. I used to get sick when I ate meat as a kid, so becoming a vegetarian was an easy decision for many reasons. But looking back, I am grossed out at the thought of where our meat came from. My family did not have much money, and we most definitely did not shop at the farmer's market, or a health food store. I am guessing my body was reacting poorly to the health of the animal I was eating vs it being meat.


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