Friday, September 6, 2013

Marie's Musings: New Goals

Hello world! So we are officially half way though the Gluten Free Challenge and I am honestly super glad I committed to this. Here are some changes I’ve noticed over the past three months:

1. I am generally happier. I’m not 100% positive that my mood change can be attributed to diet but I do know that intake does play a part in mood. Some days I wake up just joyful and ready to start the day. This never happened before eliminating wheat and animal products from my diet. As someone who’s been clinically diagnosed with depression this is a really, really big deal. 

2. Even considering my ridiculously awful work hours I have more energy. I’m still exhausted in a lot of ways just due to a lack of sleep, but I’m comparatively more energized than before.

3. I’m not as hung up on food. I am keeping track of my intake just out of curiosity but I honestly do not limit what I eat in any way. Also, I do not feel guilty about anything I eat anymore, and that is huge for me. Before, if I was even 10 calories over my daily goal I’d feel like a complete failure, which would usually trigger a binge. Now, no matter how much or how little I eat it’s because it’s what *I* want to consume and what appeals to me, not because of what the numbers add up to.

4. My appetite is more stable. This change has really only happened in the past few weeks, I don’t know why, but I like it! Before, when I would get paid I would go out and buy some type of treat food as a little indulgence. When I got paid yesterday I did think about going to the store to indulge but it just didn’t appeal to me. That was a big win. I can say I’m eating more intuitively as opposed to habitually.

5. I’m sleeping better. I’m not sleeping great, but I’m sleeping better. I still wake up in the middle of the night but I am able to fall back asleep more easily.

Overall I’m obviously happy with all of these changes but I am also seeing some room for improvement. Now that I am really in the hang of things and eating GF/vegan is second nature, it’s time to step my game up. Here are some things I want to improve over  the next three months of the challenge:

1. I want to exercise more regularly. My excuse is that work has been overwhelming lately and I really don’t have time. Honestly, this is true: I’ve had to pull two all nighters in the past week alone.  On Monday alone I put in 21 hours. Who has time to exercise with this schedule? Truth is, I need to make time. I’ve created a very light, simple exercise plan that I am committed to sticking to this month. 

2. I need to stick to a sleep schedule. My goal is to go to bed by 11:30pm every night so I can wake up rested for  7:30am. If work does not interfere this should be relatively easy to do. Being self employed you just never know. Hopefully I can manage my finances and work load better to make adequate time for sleep.

3. This one is kind of superficial but I really need to get a flat tummy! This falls in line with the exercising. I don’t care about my weight- I don’t even know my weight. I just want to obliterate my lower belly pooch! If I could stay the same size but just have a flatter midsection I’d be perfectly content. My exercise plan consists primarily of walking along with 3 days of additional ab exercises. Let’s hope this helps me make some progress by the end of the challenge.

So the prune juice picture? One of my half-crazy efforts to make my tummy a bit flatter. I did a bit too much celebrating for my birthday last month and I’d been noticing some tummy bloat and general tummy fullness for lack of a better word. I picked up a bottle of prune juice on a whim to help me flush out my system.

Oh my God does this stuff work! It works a little bit too well, actually. Since Sunday I’ve been drinking 8oz of prune juice mixed with 8oz of water for breakfast. I didn’t have any today and to be honest I kind of miss it. I’ve quickly grown to love the taste and it’s kind of nice to be able to drink juice without worry about liquid calories but my goodness does this stuff aid in digestion! I don’t plan on drinking it indefinitely but I do enjoy the taste and the squeaky clean feeling it leaves me with. I can’t say it’s made my tummy flatter but it might just be my new addiction, anyway.

Well I think it’s time for me to wind down. It’s almost 10pm and instead of getting to work I am going to read for an hour and a half before bed. I really hope this schedule will work for me. I’d like to wake up refreshed, have time to exercise, shower, and then put in a good 12 hours at work before doing it all over again. Time to tackle part two of this challenge! Until next time, be kind to yourself. 



burghgrl said...

That's AWESOME Marie!! I'm happy as can be for you, AND jealous too :) no lie...jst sayin! I feel like CRAP right now because...the h.pylori is miserable, and...having to eat wheat for these tests in ...4- MORE- WEEKS!! And, yes, I've long struggled with depression, at one time "clinical" as well, so i can just imagine your ELATION! Vegan too, as well as EXTREMELY low fat (due to the MS diet)...somedays, it's just ALL TOO MUCH. But, thank you for the GOOD news!! Keep're inspiring, to be sure!! Hugs aplenty...D.

Dorothy said...

Amy, I loved your post. A lot of what you wrote about relates to how I feel too after being on this challenge for 3 months. You wrote it so well. You write about how much you work a lot. I'm really curious about what you do working from home, as I am re-evaluating my job/career goals myself. I've never tried the prune juice and water but now maybe I'll give it a try. Glad you said that about getting regular sleep. I need to keep trying too. So glad your life is improving through the GF challenge. Yay!


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