Sunday, September 15, 2013

Dorothy's Diary: Someone Exactly Like You

Ready for another installment of Mr. Dynamic?  The last time we left off, I had spent the night at Mr. Dynamic’s place and was able to re-live the “no body shame” experience.  I also slept much more peacefully in his arms. Was that it?  Or could there be another delicious episode with Mr. Dynamic?  I was trying to maintain some balance.

One Week Later...
Morning.  Phone rings way too early.  Look at my phone.  Mr. Dynamic calling.  What?????  That guy is always a surprise.

Me:     Hello (very groggy)
Mr. D:  Are you sleeping?
Me:     Yes
Mr. D:  I was going to come over, in about an hour
Me:     OK
Mr. D:  What do you have in mind?
Me:     Sleeping.
Mr. D:  OK Bye

I lazed in bed another 15-20 minutes, then realized I better get up.  Made some coffee, took a bath.  I wasn’t panicked or rushing.  Put on a slip, camisole, and my blue silk robe (which is reserved for special occasions).   No make up.  Hair wild and curly from sleeping.

The door rang. He’s here!  I open my front door.  There he is.  Mr. Dynamic is coming down my stairs.  This image is vividly imprinted into my mind:  Gorgeous sexy man coming down my apartment stairs in khaki shorts, a black t-shirt and tennis shoes with no socks.  He’s light on his feet, almost bouncing down the steps.  He is smiling right at me and he is SEXXXXYYYYY.  He has a confident, sexy vibe.  And when he looks at me and is happy to see me, my heart melts.  It’s pretty damn lethal.

Mr. Dynamic walked through my door and I got to hug that 6’4” body.  He immediately started kissing me.   I sensed that he was open and relaxed.  He seemed at ease and he smiled a lot.  His guard was down.  He wasn’t controlling.  He was letting me see that he was happy to see me.

I didn’t even try to hide my excitement:  “I’m happy to see you!  I missed you.”  Kisses, some more kisses.   Trying to drink my first cup of coffee but he wasn’t letting me.  I almost spilled a couple of times, then I put down my mug and forgot all about the coffee.

Music was playing in the background. Someone Exactly Like You.  (I’m listening to it now as I write and the emotions are coming back.)

When we first went to my bedroom, I sat on the side of the bed.  He was already naked, stretched out on the bed.  I told Mr. Dynamic that I was serious about what I texted -- that his mind was as sexy as his body.  Said I’d like to talk a little first because it’s like foreplay for me.  It helps me to get emotionally connected.  He said ok, come sit right here (and pointed to his lower stomach) and let’s talk.  So we chatted for a while, but within a few minutes I didn’t feel like talking any more.  I was just enjoying his body.

I know I always talk about how great the sex is, how it’s fantastically delicious.  This time was no exception.  In fact, it was the best ever.  I WAS ON A HIGH, A BIG TIME SEXUAL HEALING HIGH.  You know why?  Because I didn’t have body shame.  Because Mr. Dynamic let his guard down.  Because I let my guard down.  Mr. Dynamic was looking into my eyes a lot more and this time I looked back.  This time I wanted to see what was in his eyes.  What I saw was gentleness, caring, someone letting me in.  And I was trying to return the favor.  I was amazed.

By the time we hit two hours, my legs were shaking, my body was shaking.  I was going to the sun, the moon and the stars.  Then I let myself fall over and I felt an emotional release.  I started crying with the sheer relief of it.  I covered my face with a pillow to hide the emotion, but I reached out my hand and Mr. Dynamic took it.   We held hands for a couple of minutes while he let me be.  It was a sweet, intimate moment.

We went into the kitchen for something to drink and for some real conversation.  I learned more about Mr. Dynamic, about his past, his career and some of his flying adventures. He was excited to tell me about the vegetable garden he was planting.  He asked about my job search and gave me his thoughts.  Mr. Dynamic was being affectionate during the conversation.  Before you know it, we quit talking and headed back for more play time.

Eventually, Mr. Dynamic had to go back to work.  Before he left, Mr. Dynamic looked straight into my eyes and said he’d like to see me again.  Either later that day or tomorrow.  That made my heart happy.  As he was sitting in my chair putting on his tennis shoes, Mr. Dynamic told me (without any prompting) what he noticed about me when we first met.  Said he knew he was “going to come get me.”  What?  I couldn’t believe my ears.  He gently laid his face against my chest for a long moment.  Then he stood up, smiled into my eyes and gave me a lingering kiss good-bye.

All I can say is, wow!  I wasn’t expecting this morning at all.  The warmth, tenderness and intimacy is embedded in my heart.  Forget about maintaining balance when you just had the sun, the moon and the stars.


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burghgrl said...

Ahhhhh,SOOO happy for your latest, most delicious experience Dorothy! It's time's like these, we can honestly say LIFE,- IS GOOD! Thank you, for taking us along with you on your beautiful journey...I live vicariously, through you!Biiig hugs, D.


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