Sunday, September 8, 2013

Dorothy's Diary: My Hypnotherapy Session with Iris

I had my free 90-minute hypnotherapy session with Iris this week as part of the GF Health Challenge.   It was AWESOME!  A lot of interesting themes bubbled up from my subconscious.  I felt the impact of it even more after the session ended.  Hypnotherapy has been a wonderful, powerful tool for me and Iris is gifted with her skills.  

There was a lot of magic in my session, including mermaids, sea turtles and magic carpet rides.  I love magic.  I also like straddling different worlds.  All of this made me happy.

A good friend (and previous lover) showed up.  This also made me very happy.    

Fear and Anger
I felt a strong physical presence of fear inside my body.  Certain parts of my body were almost painfully radiating with this fear energy.  It came out that I was very, very angry at the fear for being there, for holding me back.  (Fuck You! I told it, wanting to battle.)  I was able to communicate with the fear and get some messages.  That was really interesting.   Message:  I have the ability to change the energy from fear into personal power.  (Mr. Dynamic helped remind me of this too.)

Independence and Isolation
I’ve always been very independent, uber independent actually.  I’ve had a fear about being controlled, being trapped.   What came out of the session very strongly was that I no longer wanted to be alone.  I didn’t want to isolate myself any more.  Being near friends, family and community was important.  Oh….I did want a romantic partner (true love actually).  This is a direct result of my Washington experience, where I have been isolated and alone during a lot of tough times.  It’s a real turn-around for me.

Job/Career and Fear of Failure
There was mass confusion about a job, career and profession.  How to seek for a higher-paying job for the sake of safety and security? Should I continue to pursue my hypnotherapy practice?  I had wanted to clear this up, but the confusion remained.  This in itself is interesting.

“Fear of failure” came up and it was part of my career confusion.  I received a message that there is no such thing as failure.  It’s just another experience to help teach me.  To help me make changes.   To help me understand what it feels like for others.

The Beach, The Beach, The Beach
What came up over and over and over again was my desire to go to the beach.  The desire was intense and I kept returning to my beach throughout the session.  I don’t actually know where this beach is – it seemed to be Polynesian -- but it was “my beach.”   

What Are My dreams?
I was invited to create my own world.   What I created was a tropical island with a fabulous home on the beach.  I lived there with my true love -- a tall, dark and handsome Polynesian manly man. I actually called him my husband (total shocker).  I was wearing a sarong and had a pink hibiscus flower in my hair.  I felt happy, loved and sensual.  

The house stood right on the beach, nestled in a grove of palm trees and lush tropical plants.  I could smell lovely fragrances from the flowers.  The house included a hammock, indoor/outdoor living space, wooden floors and views from every room.  It also featured a giant, romantic, intricately carved wooden bed adorned with white linens and sheer canopy curtains.  

This was a place where family and friends could visit.  I could even have a pet(s) if I wanted one.  There was absolutely nothing in that world having to do with a job or career or profession.  Hmmmmm……interesting.

Dreams Can Come True
I received a distinct message that dreams can come true.  The wisdom continued….I should take time before I go to sleep EACH NIGHT to return to this island paradise world.  Let myself spend time with “Island Dorothy.”  Also, make a vision board for myself.  Surround myself with pictures of tropical islands, the ocean, true love, and anything else I desire in my life.  At first, I heard a voice in my head saying, this is an impossible dream.  By the end, I got a strong message that dreams CAN come true.   And I totally believe in dreams.  (Besides, Iris told me dreams CAN come true….and so it is.)

After the Session
I journaled the entire session right after it ended.  As I wrote, I could remember the details and feel the emotion again.  I realized, then, how much had come out during the session.  

New insights came as I cooked dinner.  Consider writing a children’s book(s) about magic adventures.  I can use my hypotherapy sessions and travel experiences as inspiration.    I thought (again) about my book on love lessons.  Mr. Dynamic would be in there; so would Mr. Seattle, Herr Salzburg, Officer E, and several others who have taught me significant love lessons.  (Maybe even P6, although I guard that delicious and life-changing experience jealously to myself.)  

Start doing hypnotherapy again.  Do some practice sessions and add a few clients back into my life.   I took a break when this gluten-free challenge started, but now let’s see if I can incorporate it back into my life.   

Continue my job search and look for a good fit.  However, I feel less worried about the specifics.  

For the first time, I am asking myself what I would be willing to trade in exchange for a life with my true love man.  Enjoying our lives together, actually letting someone take care of me (and vice versa).  A life where work is not my #1 focus and not my key to survival.  A life where I allow myself to receive.  Could I let go that much?  Hmmmmm…..  

Later that evening, I had a phone call with a girlfriend.   I told her my life in Washington is the first time I’ve had a “normal” life.  By this I mean one where I simply go to work, come home, cook dinner and have a very simple routine.   No overtime, no extended travel, fewer social outings.  I expressed how well my body has responded to more downtime and an increased focus on self-care.   

Then it hit me hard……oh….duh…..I was supposed to have my Washington experience with the hard times and my current job.  That was the trade off for having more down time and a “normal” life.   I got a new experience and now I can choose the lifestyle I want.  (I didn’t used to think I had a choice.)  No matter what, I will always know that my gluten free eating, my self-care and down time has to be a priority.   It’s a very concrete lesson learned.   OK universe, I got it.

Oh, I really do love hypnotherapy.  Thanks to my fairy angel, Iris Higgins!


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