Saturday, August 10, 2013

Shannon Speaks: Scrambling for Time


Something that we all have, and yet don’t.  Something that we are given a limited amount of because we never know when our time will be up. Something I have the worst time managing and working with.

Some days, 24 hours isn’t enough.  And considering that at least 6 of those hours are spent sleeping, another 8-12 (depending on if it’s summer or the school year) working, there isn’t enough left to get everything on my To Do list done.  For years, I have struggled with managing my time.  During the work day it’s easy...bells ring to tell me when class starts and ends and when to move onto my next class/lunch/duty/prep.  When I’m outside of those bells, all hell breaks loose with my being cognizant of time and schedule.

My friends and family have told me for years that I operate on my own personal time zone: Shannon Standard Time.  It used to be funny, cute, I’m sure, when I was a kid.  As a kid, time has no boundaries.  Certain activities had times, but other than that, time was limitless.  I must have thought it so limitless that it has carried on my whole life.  People will tell me to be somewhere 30 minutes before I need to be there, knowing full well that I’ll be late.  Don’t ask me how I make it to work on time.  I couldn’t tell you (though there are days that I don’t).  

In the past, using a planner and scheduling everything has helped, especially in college, with juggling classes and work.  I love planners.  I like to organize things by color, and use fun pens and highlighters. It’s like my version of an art project (I’m a bit of an office supply dork).  I notice that in the past 16 months (since losing Michael), the time management has gotten out of control.  I use a planner, but not as religiously as I should.  I literally need to schedule when to shower, with the hopes that it will keep me on time in the morning!  

I’m fully aware that planning every single second of my life isn’t healthy, and after losing Michael, and being on maternity leave with no child to take care of, too many hours available to sleep and no energy or desire to do anything, I stopped scheduling my life and tried to just live.  Live through and with the pain, live without a schedule.  Now, 16 months later, that’s no longer working for me.  It’s causing tension and disagreements within my home, that I’m not aware of how long it’s taking me to run errands and things of that nature.  Because I can’t manage my time, I’m not getting the office cleaned, I’m not making it to the gym (other than Sunday yoga) and I’m not just kicking back and relaxing with the hubby, since I’m constantly stressed that I haven’t finished the office and the other cluttered areas.

So Georgia gave me homework, which, of course, entails working on the office.  She wants me to work on scheduling the cleaning in 2 different ways and see what works best for me.  At this rate, I’ll do anything, as long as I can get stuff done!  I also have a fresh new planner, all ready for me to fill with the millions of things that I need to do/accomplish every week.  Hell, I need to schedule these posts, since as I write it, I’m hours late from when Miss Iris wants them sent to her!

Tonight’s goal, after dinner: work on office, spend time with the hubby, and crack open that new planner and plan next week.  

I’ve included some *BEFORE* pictures of the office.  Thankfully, it’s not that bad right now.  It’s definitely in the in-between stage of complete sh*t show and how I want it.  My goal is to have those pics taken by the end of this month!


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Dorothy said...

Hi Shannon, I can't tell you how much this post inspired me. I read it, then said "that's it" and I started working on my clutter. This was in the evening after work. And then every night since I've been working on the clutter at least 20 minutes, chipping away. I figure I can handle 20 minutes every night. So I'm hoping this is a new habit I'm creating. THANK YOU!!!


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