Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Rebecca's Balancing Act: Birthday Lessons

 champagne tasting and carnival sign painting - pre-gluten hangover 

What I learned on my birthday.  I had kind of thought that I would splurge on my wedding day and just enjoy regular pasta, bread and cake.  On the other hand, for my birthday I was going to let my friends do all my wedding cake tasting for me.  I bought 8 or 9 different slices from different places, but of course once they were in front of me I figured a bite of each wouldn't hurt. That said, a bite of 9 cakes does add up to a slice of cake, so I ate a slice of cake for my birthday. I am kind of glad I did it because the hangover I am experiencing (and I only had a single glass of wine, if that) is not something I want to experience the morning after my wedding and at brunch with my family. So, quinoa pasta will be on hand for Rebecca, and just the single bite of cake.  I am not a big enough fan of cake to bother with a whole gluten-dairy free option, but I will have strawberries and other tasty bites like merengue cookies on hand in case I want to play.

The other reason I am glad I did the tasting is that not all cakes are created equal, and Larsen's was hands down the prettiest and tastiest, so now I'll get to enjoy the beauty of fondant flowers, and my guests will get to enjoy the tastiest cakes I've tried :-)  The food matters to me!

Pretty cakes from Larsens - just eye candy for me.

I have my food tastings week after next, and there will be a quinoa pasta/veggie version for me and my few vegan guests, and a meaty, gluten-y option for the guests.  I know how good savory vegan food tastes, so I am no longer panicking there.

Now it's just the build up. Two months to go and life is running even faster than it was before - is that even possible?  I now have two health coaches to support me, along with the lovely ladies in this Challenge, and the most amazing friends in the world (special love to Kelly, Carolyn, Joan, Stacy, Kim, Mira, Pam and Isabel, if you're reading this).  We will get there, and it will be awesome.

Looking forward to losing the gluten hangover!

Wedding countdown: 
- 59 days as of writing this post.  
- Diet-freakout: OMG PROGRESS - still down 2, just 5 pounds heavier than when I bought the dress.  Feeling better!

THIS WEEK'S KEY TO SUCCESS: Starting to drink water again, bubbly-water seems to be helping.

THIS WEEK'S PERSONAL CHALLENGE: Eat vegan-gluten free while visiting mom in Georgia.


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Dorothy said...

Rebecca, it's all coming together! You are so adorable in the photo and the cake looks divine. Have a great trip to Georgia. Loved the post.


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