Friday, August 9, 2013

Marie's Musings: Review of Nasoya Vegan Nayo

Hello world! This update is going to be on the brief side, as I have been working quite hard and I’m super tired. In fact my life has been pretty boring this week, which is not a bad thing, but I had a hard time figuring out what I should write about. Then I remembered: vegan mayonnaise!

So I tried that Nasoya Vegan Nayo sandwich spread, and I have to admit, I am a bit disappointed. Of course without having access to vegan bread I couldn’t exactly use it as a sandwich spread. I decided instead to use it as a dip for one of my favorite junk food items- plain ruffled potato chips. I am a mayonnaise lover at heart and I found this vegan option did not compare to the real thing taste wise. It had an almost sour taste to it, so much so that I went and double checked the expiration date to make sure it was still good. The consistency was also a little runnier than real mayonnaise. It does make a good low calorie option but to be honest I’d rather go without than use this product. I will finish up the two jars I’ve been sent because I don’t like to waste food, but I definitely won’t be purchasing this product again. 

I’ve been thinking of ordering some vegan/gluten free specialty foods online so that I can get some variety in my diet, but I’m noticing that most products come in bulk and are rather expensive. I’m not sure if I should take the chance of ordering something I don’t know if I’ll like when I have to order so much of it at once. Here’s an example: I went on Amazon and looked up “vegan meat.” I was actually surprised at the variety of options they have. My eye first went to Primal Spirit meatless jerky, because I thought that would be a good easy option, but then I saw it contains gluten so never mind. Then I checked out some fried not-chicken. That also contains gluten. 0 for 2.

I refined my search for “vegan meats gluten free” and was shown a lot of bean soups. What? Either this search bar is being funky, or vegan gluten free meat substitutes just aren’t an option. I did a little digging and found No Bull Vegan Gluten-Free Sun Fried Tomato & Spinach Gourmet Veggie Burgers. Success! I love veggie burgers! I love spinach and sun  dried tomato! What I don’t love is that you’re forced to buy six four packs at a time for a total cost of $84.00 plus $14.99 shipping.

Okay, I admit, I’m cheap. I have no problem splurging on good food and good booze, but 1. only when I can afford to do so, and 2. only when I know it’s a product I will genuinely enjoy. Without knowing if I’ll like these veggie burgers I just cannot justify spending a hundred bucks on 6 pounds of food that I may find inedible anyway. They do sound good, but then again, so did vegan mayonnaise and look how that turned out. 

Well, I’m off to get some sleep. It’s been a long week and I’ve got another one ahead of me. Until next time, be kind to yourself.



Anonymous said...

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Dorothy said...

Hi Marie, I liked your post, even if you think you didn't have much to write about. (Like you said, sometimes boring is good....a nice break.) Your post made me think about how I shop for food. Do I consider cost? Do I buy whatever I want? How does that relate to my childhood. Now that's an interesting subject.....I'm going to have a think on that. I also love how you end your kind to yourself. I always need to hear that. Take care of yourself.


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