Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Rebecca's Balancing Act: Cookie Temptation

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Plate of cookies in the fridge. Temptation.

I don't crave chocolate chip cookies. Unless there is a big plate of them in the fridge.

When I got divorced many, many years ago, one of the "benefits" was that I had complete domain over my fridge, and I could decide what would be there as a temptation and what would not. I find that if the chips and cookies aren't in the house, I don't eat them (amazing). My fiancé is really sweet about supporting me and not keeping Oreos in the house (can't resist an Oreo!), but he still likes his snacks, and so chips and ice cream are a regular presence. The chips comes and go as a problem, but luckily, unless it's Oreo ice cream, I can easily stay away. 

Going gluten and dairy free has really helped because when he made the cookies, it was easier for me to accept that they were off the list of possibilities. I haven't had a single one. Still, every time I open the fridge, I go from not craving cookies to suddenly Really Craving Cookies. And while I may not end up eating cookies, I end up reaching for an extra snack that I might not have had otherwise. Last night, I asked him if we could wrap them in foil. He complied. :)

Aside from that, it was a week of amazing food because we had the amazing Angelica cook for us again. Yum yum yum! I can't believe how many flavors you can get into one meal if you know how to cook well!
Modeling one of the wedding hats
I am feeling pretty good in general, just as I expected to being off the wheat and dairy. Headaches - gone. Infections - gone. I am sleeping well and have made a conscious effort to go to bed at the same time as my fiancé each night. That has been lovely. My wonderful friends are helping me get things ready for the wedding (we spent Saturday night making vintage-inspired hats for any guests who forget their own), and in a week, I'll meet the caterer who might be making our wedding food (yea for family style Italian!).  

My main anxiety now is the dress. It's time to take the extra 8 pounds seriously because I am just about two months away. Just going gluten and dairy free isn't doing it. I think I have to add in (gasp) exercise. Ugh. So, my commitment to y'all: a 20 minute walk a day for the next week. It sounds small, but it actually feels really huge because it's a question of time. I have been able to change my diet without a big change in my time habits...but can I make the time for exercise and WILL IT WORK?

Wedding countdown: 
-72 days as of writing this post.
-Current wedding stress: Getting the yard looking good after we tear it up in August to terrace it. 
-Diet-freakout: STILL 8 pounds heavier than I was when I bought the dress. Sigh. 

THIS WEEK'S KEY TO SUCCESS: Going to sleep each night at the same time as my fiancé and getting close to eight hours of sleep a night. 

THIS WEEK'S PERSONAL CHALLENGE: Daily 20 minute walk. 

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Dorothy said...

Hi Rebecca, If I had that plate full of chocolate chip cookies in my frig, I would eat every last one -- probably in one day. Congratulations on going to bed earlier and getting more sleep. And for all the progress you are making. Good luck with the wedding plans!!!


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