Friday, July 5, 2013

Marie's Musings: Hungry Beast

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As part of the Gluten Free Health Challenge, Marie will be posting her journal entries on the first 3 Fridays of every month from now until December. She will also be receiving free health coaching during this time from Sarah Dochow of Nurture Nutrition and Iris Higgins of Your Fairy Angel

Well hello there, everybody! Time for another crazy rambling post by yours truly. So, you know how I was super bummed out and emo last week? Well now I know why: my lady cycle. Yes, my lady cycle. And y'all are probably wondering, what in the world does this have to do with the gluten free challenge? Well I'll tell you, this month I have noticed some things are different than they usually are for me, and I'm guessing my dietary changes are affecting my body far more than I anticipated.  

First thing I noticed was my cravings this month have been so much more intense than they usually are. About a week before my lady friend visits, I do tend to get cravings. Before going GF, I tended to want sweets, chocolate, and sugar in general. My appetite would also skyrocket the week before my lady visit. Last week, when the cravings hit like they usually do, instead of my usual sweet tooth that I should have gotten, I wanted nothing but flour tortillas and cheese. My appetite itself hasn't really changed, so I didn't attribute my food urges to hormonal changes.

The other difference I noticed was the in the past, when I actually got my lady visit I'd have no appetite at all for the duration. I tend to get really bloated and just feel full in general; food is the last thing on my mind and I barely eat for a couple of days. But this month? Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, all I've wanted to do is EAT for the last day and a half. I haven't been this hungry in a long time. I don't even care what it is; I've been having a ton of rice, corn tortillas (kind of gross but I don't even care at this point), and frozen grapes. Yesterday I ate three - not one, not two, but THREE - ice pops. They have been sitting in my freezer since December and I hadn't even given them a second thought, but now I am just a hungry beast and want to nom everything in my house. This is completely atypical for me. In a way I'm glad I've figured out why I've turned into a food demolishing machine, but I hope my appetite goes back to normal soon!

In other news, summer has hit hard in the desert and hot doesn't even begin to describe the temperatures here. The weather is making me feel sluggish and lazy, as it normally does this time of year. Even so, I really want to start exercising again. Not at this moment. At this moment I am sitting here in short shorts and a tank top, seriously considering jumping in the pool for some much needed relief. But in general? I want to move more. I'm happy with my body's size in terms of thickness, but I won't lie, it would be nice if my tummy was a bit flatter. This monthly bloating is not helping. I'm going to have to think about an exercise routine that I can get into. Something that will fit into my schedule and something that I can stick with. I'd really like to start walking again because it does wonders for my mood and just clearing my head, but it's far too hot and the gym in my complex isn't very cool. Walking in my neighborhood at night when it gets a little cooler might be an option, but I'm not going to lie, sometimes I hear gunshots out there and I don't think a single female should be roaming around the wild, wild west late at night. Thus, my personal challenge for this week is to think of a workout plan that makes sense for me and that I will enjoy. Maybe some of you guys will join me?

Until next time, be kind to yourself.


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Dorothy said...

Hi Marie. That was the perfect thing for me to read this morning! I went through something similar last week and now I know why. I'm starting to think about exercise too....something that I can manage and still keep my focus on the food. I didn't know you could freeze grapes, but that's a great idea. Stay cool! Dorothy


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