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From Rose's Garden: Namaste'

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(Today, I am sharing pictures of stuff in my cubicle. It's the stuff that I like to look at every day. It just kind of evolved. I never really gave it much thought or had a theme. One of my coworkers referred to my cubicle as the Zen Spot. And after thinking about it, I believe she nailed it. It's my way of creating a peaceful spot in an often stressful, yet mundane world.)

Namaste' (as defined by Mahatma Gandhi) - In India, when people meet and part, they often say, "Namaste,'" which means, "I honor the place within you; of love, of truth, of peace. I honor the place within you, where when you are in that place in you and I am in that place in me, there is only one of us."

Such power in this simple word...isn't there? Power and peace and light and truth. I have taken up yoga recently, after many years of non-practice. I got started back up because a new studio opened up and it is five minutes from my home. I have only made it to one group class, but this class sparked the purchase of some yoga DVDs, and I have been practicing at home a couple nights a week. I am very thankful to welcome yoga back into my life. It has arrived at precisely the perfect moment in time.

This is a time of great change for me. I can literally feel the changes that lie ahead. Yoga allows me the freedom to experience so much in just an hour of meditation and poses. I remember being afraid to take yoga classes in group situations. Not because I was worried about looking silly or my form or anything like that, but because, to me, it is a very personal time and I felt so vulnerable that practicing alone just felt more natural.

So here I am, trying to find my "place" at work, at home, in life, while maintaining - actually, while rediscovering - the person I am deep down. Peeling away layer upon layer. All these layers that I have allowed to be piled upon me. This is not an easy task in a world that applauds and encourages conformity. I seek balance in my life at this time. I seek peace and love and truth. I want to bathe in light and feel the calm and move even further into better health...physical and emotional wellbeing.

Much that concerns the quality of our lives is "up there," in our minds. How we perceive our situation and our life makes a huge difference in our wellbeing. Yoga just makes everything okay at that moment in time. Stress has such an effect on my health. It affects the way I process thoughts, how I interact with those around me, my job, my relationships...everything, really. I desire to manage my stress and to learn to let go of a lot of "stuff."

I read a typed affirmation to myself every day, and I have it hanging in a discreet place in my cubicle at work. It's one of Louise Hayes' affirmations and I have stuck with it because I still need to receive it and accept it fully. I can feel my body and mind listening to the words and doing the work. I can feel my body breaking up a lot of the baggage and blockages that I carry around in my body and within my heart. Yoga is my place of solitude and peace. I take all of my problems and joys to the mat and I breathe through them. I imagine each and every cell in my body dancing and releasing all the toxins. I envision that I am getting over the remains of disappointments from the past and releasing my need to control something in my present.

I have read that we hold all of our experiences on a cellular level somehow. There is no pill that I can take that could ever possibly heal me in the way that yoga does. I see my practice as a miraculous source of healing and restoration.


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Dorothy said...

Hi Rose, Loved this post. I read it at work and when I looked at the photos I could feel my heart relax, I took a deep breath and my body relaxed. A couple times when work has been extra stressful, I've looked at your photos and it helps. Makes me realize I need to bring something "zen" to my desk. So thanks for your post! Dorothy


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