Saturday, June 8, 2013

Shannon Speaks: Reviewing my Endoscopy

As part of the Gluten Free Health Challenge, Shannon will share her journal entries here on the first 3 Saturdays of every month from June through November. During this time, she will also receive free health coaching from Georgianna Dolan-Reilly of Celtic Celiac and Iris Higgins of Your Fairy Angel

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This upcoming Monday will officially be 4 weeks since I went gluten free. So far *knock on wood* it hasn't been as difficult as I thought. I haven't had crazy cravings or broken down to eat something I shouldn't. Though I won't lie - I do have thoughts about delicious no-no foods.

I had a check-up with my GI doctor on Wednesday to review my endoscopy. Based on my elevated numbers, I thought my intestines would be a hot mess. He proceeded to tell me that no, there was no inflammation from the spots that he took the biopsy, despite my elevated numbers. He said that my intestines might be damaged in areas that he did not test. Well, here's a thought. Schedule another endoscopy and test more areas! Looking at the images that he took, he only biopsied four spots, and they were all relatively close. Based on statistics, more random samples should be taken. Great. Another conundrum. I'm going to get more blood in a month to see where the numbers are at. My husband and I agreed that we're going to go with the high numbers and continue to stick to a gluten free diet. 

If you read my initial post to join the program, we were hoping that the diagnosis of Celiac would be the answer to the recurring miscarriages and fertility issues. Fingers crossed that it still is.

My first attempt at GF Mac and Cheese

I'm looking forward to catching up with my coach to help make sure I'm venturing in the right direction, and to get some delicious recipes. The same ol', same ol' is going to get boring eventually. My biggest issue as of this moment is researching places to be able to eat at on vacation in a month. If anyone knows of any awesome spots on the Vegas strip, please share! I'm going to really miss being able to go to the buffets!

I hope everyone has a beautiful weekend!



Dorothy said...

Hi Shannon, that gluten free dinner looks delicious. Yummy! Sorry, I'm not very familiar with Las Vegas so can't help you out there. I'm curious about the high numbers. What kind of numbers would be considered "good news" for you. You don't have to give me specific numbers, but do you mean low numbers, mid-level numbers, etc.? I hope the gluten free diet is the answer for you too!!! Dorothy

Shann said...

Hi Dorothy,
My GI didn't exactly say what he wanted my numbers to be. He reviewed the bloodwork and said that the two numbers that were the highest, he didn't really pay attention to, because they aren't true indicators. Regardless, I plan that those numbers will decrease. The number that he feels is the most indicative was at a 6, which is in a 1-10 range. My goal, despite not being told what to drop my numbers to, is to get them as low on the scale as humanly possible. So I truly have no idea what's "good" for me. Ugh!


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