Saturday, May 18, 2013

Who Should Win The Gluten Free Health Challenge?

Update 5/21/13 All contestants and health coaches have been chosen. Thank you for voting. 

The Daily Dietribe Gluten Free Health Challenge is a six month challenge that will begin on June 1st and end on November 30th, 2013. During this time period, 7 women will get free gluten free health coaching, free group workshops on food and emotions, and the opportunity to share their stories here.

Four of those women have already been chosen. Today, you get to pick the final three.

I've replaced my normal tabs above with the names of each contestant. These are all women who have written in to share their stories with you and me. I am so proud of each one of them. Many of them I've "known" over the years as readers of my blog, but now I am finally getting to know their stories. They have all shared openly and honestly, something that you know I try to do here at The Daily Dietribe.

I ask that you read each of their stories and then take the survey linked here and at the bottom of each of their posts. The survey will allow you to choose your top three contestants. Those are the women whose stories you would like to hear more of for the next six months. The survey will also ask you a few questions about what else you want to see here during the challenge. Don't worry, there are only 4 questions total. It will take you less than 5 minutes to complete!

If you have time, please also consider leaving supportive comments for these women under their posts. It was so brave of them to share with us all, and I want them to know what a wonderful community they have here, no matter if they are chosen for the challenge or not.

Voting ends Tuesday night at 10pm EST.

The contestants are:
Shannon   Stacy   Odile   Marisa   Donna   Rose   Jody   Cassandra   Christe   Kim   Renee   

Are you a nutritionist, ND, health coach, or RD specializing in gluten free diets? I chose 6 health coaches originally, but have decided to add on a 7th health coach so that I can accept more participants into the challenge. Health coaches will work with their participant twice a month from June through November and will share one gluten free recipe here each month. If you're interested in applying to be the final health coach, please e-mail me at

You can learn more about the other coaches by reading their personal profiles. Do not vote on coaches when you vote, only the contestants linked above:
Eryn McEntee, naturopathic student, gluten free for 10+ years
Sarah Dochow, clinical nutritionist with a master's degree in health psychology
Georgianna Dolan-Reilly, licensed social worker and gluten free lifestyle coach
Drew Parisi, certified nutrition consultant and nutrition educator
Mia Davis, holistic nutrition and lifestyle coach
Shirley Plant, nutritionist and dietary designer

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