Monday, May 13, 2013

The Gluten Free Health Challenge: Meet Mia Davis, Team Kale

Yesterday, you met Shirley Plant, dietary designer and nutritionist on Team Avocado.
Today, meet Mia Davis, Health Coach for Team Kale.

Mia Davis is a holistic nutrition and lifestyle coach, wellness speaker, writer, foodie, and a believer that true happiness is a reflection of our overall health. She teaches women a blissful, balanced, and whole-istic approach to achieving a healthy mind, body, and lifestyle so they can feel radiant, confident, and authentic!

With this unique outlook, Mia empowers her clients to change their relationship with food, and to create the healthy lifestyle they want in order for healing to take place. Her simple step-by-step programs are tailored to meet each woman's individual needs in a fun, focused, and feminine way.

Mia graduated from the National University of Health Sciences with her Master's of Science in Oriental Medicine. Her passion for the healing properties of nutrition sparked her to also study at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. She began Blissful Chicks Wellness after her own struggle with weight led her back to her traditional holistic approach to eating and living.

In addition to working with women one-on-one, Mia also contributes to health blogs and gives community workshops on health, wellness, and living "blissfully natural". She currently resides in sunny Sacramento, California.

Want to know more about Mia? Here's how she answered my questions: 

Favorite go-to meal for nights when you're tired and need something easy: Broccoli cashew stir-fry. Broccoli, carrots, bok choy, and cashews quickly stir-fried in light gluten free tamari sauce. You can enjoy over brown rice or quinoa as well.

Favorite dessert: Chocolate avocado pudding! It's creamy, chocolaty and full of healthy fat and protein. It definitely makes you feel special.

Favorite vegetable: I'm a kale girl. I love it! In my opinion, it's a true superfood. There are so many nutrients in it. It tastes great and it's versatile. I use it in soups, stews, raw in salads and smoothies, and roasted as a snack.

Tips for gluten free newbies: Be creative and have fun with this! Eating gluten free is an adventure. Take this chance to explore what you eat and find fun alternatives. You'll find new loves and reinvent old favorites in a way that's unique to you and your taste buds. The Daily Dietribe is a great place to get ideas and the support you need to make being gluten free work for your life.

One thing you know now that you wish you had known when you first went gluten free: That going gluten free would change my life beyond the plate. Not only did I become more creative with my food, I gained a new appreciation for what I put in my body and brought into my life. I became more aware of my emotions and how they related to my eating. It made me rethink my approach to a lot of things - something I didn't expect, but greatly appreciate!

If you are what you eat, what would you be? I would be a plate of kale with a side of dark chocolate-covered pineapples! Eating healthy for me is eating foods that nourish my body and spirit. You can and should have both. I've always loved pineapple, but drizzle homemade dark chocolate syrup on top, and heaven is just a spoonful away!

What is the most common struggle you see when people come to you for nutrition advice? Weight loss is the most common challenge I see. Women want to look great in their clothes and feel sexy when they take them off. However, our sessions go beyond basic nutrition. Most of the women I work with know the basics to losing weight, but have trouble implementing them in a way that works for their needs and lifestyle. A woman losing baby weight isn't going to have the same needs as a woman losing weight due to a stressful work schedule. My job is to provide the guidance and environment that will allow them to both reach that end goal and sustain it in their lives.

Learn more about working with Mia on her website, Blissful Chicks Wellness.
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Tomorrow, meet the coach behind Team Smoothie

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