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Fried Bananas (Dairy/Sugar-Free) and My Favorite Gluten-Free Banana Recipes

I was looking through my recipe index the other day and noticed that I have a lot of banana recipes. This is somewhat ironic since I've been avoiding them for the past couple of years. Luckily, I can now eat them again without the heartburn I used to experience. I discovered this in the past few weeks of driving from Los Angeles to Lathrop, Missouri where Blue Eyes and I are now living. Being on the road, we had to make do with foods I could eat that also traveled well. That meant lots of apples, bananas, canned sardines, carrots, and avocados.

Now that we're in Missouri, I find myself still eating a lot of bananas, if only because they're affordable, and let's face it- food isn't cheap these days. So I thought I would share with you some of my favorite gluten-free banana recipes from the last four years of blogging.

To start, we have the ever popular Banana Ice Cream Recipes. To make the basic recipe, you freeze a banana, then puree it in a food processor, but here are some of my favorite variations:

Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream (Gluten/Grain/Dairy/Egg/Soy/Nut-Free)
Avocado lends a creamier texture while mint and chocolate chips remind of the old-school favorite ice cream flavor. 

Immune Booster Easy Banana Ice Cream (Gluten/Grain/Dairy/Egg/Soy/Nut/Sugar-Free)
I sometimes like to add liquid vitamins to my banana ice cream, like in this version that includes Wellesse Vitamin D3 1000iu.

Coconut Banana Sundae (Gluten/Grain/Dairy/Egg/Soy/Sugar-Free)
Basic banana plus blueberries, coconut flakes and walnuts. So simple. So good. 

Banana Ice Cream with Blueberry Sauce (Gluten/Grain/Dairy/Egg/Soy/Nut/Sugar-Free) 
I topped this banana with a warm homemade blueberry syrup for extra oomph.

Banana Bread (Gluten/Dairy/Egg/Soy/Nut-Free) 
In this post, I talk about how to adapt a regular banana bread recipe to be gluten-free and vegan. And just for fun, I throw in a bunch of substitution options, including how to make it without bananas. 

Banana Muffins (Gluten/Dairy/Egg/Soy/Nut/Refined Sugar-Free)
These are my favorite muffins. Moist and chewy inside with a nice crumb on the outside. 

Hint O' Chocolate Banana Muffins (Gluten/Dairy/Soy/Nut/Sugar-Free)
One of my first muffin recipes, I loved the light texture of these, although I have since simplified how I bake. If you want to try these but are looking to use fewer flours, shoot me an e-mail and I can give you some ideas. Same goes for the following muffins, which are also early recipes.  

Quinoa Banana Muffins (Gluten/Dairy/Nut/Refined Sugar-Free)
I love adding cooked quinoa to muffins. It adds an extra crunch and flavor boost. 

Sunshine Banana Muffins (Gluten/Dairy/Soy/Nut/Sugar-Free)
I made these in my first year of blogging and they're one of my simpler muffin recipes from those days. I added sunflower seeds, sweet potatoes and bananas for a super moist creation. 

Banana Chocolate Bread (Gluten/Dairy/Egg/Nut/Sugar-Free)
Sorry, no photo here. My computer is broken, along with all my photos. And if you click on this link, you'll see the post is completely screwed up and the photos don't show up. (I've tried fixing it to no avail). But, I'm including it because the recipe still works and is one I really liked. 

Banana Bacon Pancakes (Gluten/Dairy/Egg/Nut/Soy/Refined Sugar-Free)
I played around with the typical pancakes and bacon breakfast, and simply added chopped bacon to my pancake batter. Loved it!

Banana Chocolate Chunk Cookies (Gluten/Dairy/Egg/Soy/Nut/Refined Sugar-Free)
This is the ultimate cookie recipe.  It includes tons of substitutions and has spawned a number of other cookie recipes on my blog.

Banana Chocolate Chip Cookies
(From Shirley Braden at Gluten-Free Easily)
I reviewed these cookies from Gluten-Free Easily and they are by far one of my favorite cookie recipes. Ever. 

Pineapple Smoothie
The banana smoothie. So overdone but there's a reason for that, right? 

Blueberry Smoothie

And finally...
Green Power Smoothie

And for reals finally...

Dairy-Free Fried Bananas
Like banana ice cream and banana smoothies, this recipe isn't innovative and new. You can find lots of versions on the web. I'm just sharing my recipe here in case you've never tried it before and need a little encouragement. If you like bananas, you'll love these. 

1 ripe banana
1 tablespoon Coconut oil
Sea salt
Ground cinnamon or Chinese 5 Spice

  1. Slice the banana in half, then slice again lengthwise. Sprinkle lightly with salt and spice. 
  2. Heat a skillet on medium. Add about 1 tablespoon of coconut oil, then add the bananas. Cook until browned, about 2 minutes, then turn and cook on the other side until browned. Serve while hot.

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Cheryl Harris said...

I've only ever been lukewarm on bananas, but I bet your recipes could change all of that! What a beautiful roundup.


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