Saturday, March 2, 2013

Silent Saturdays: Contemplating Boundaries

Contemplating boundaries today. 
What boundaries are placed by society? 
Which boundaries are my own? 
Are they the same? 

What happens if I defy those boundaries?
I am so very attached to them. 

Where does courage come from?


fartygirl said...

Again - our minds and hearts must be in the same place.

I like that you ask the question of boundaries in society. I never thought of boundaries in that way. Lately, I've been thinking of boundaries in relationships, which I completely suck at.

However - your questioning of boundaries in society makes me question if relationship boundaries are one in the same. If they are, then it's not that I suck at relationship boundaries. It's that I don't conform to society's relationship boundaries. Which makes me a loner, a rebel.

I like that.

What did you decide?

Iris said...

I decided to be a loner too. ;)


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