Monday, March 4, 2013

5-Ingredient Mondays: Dairy-Free Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream (Gluten/Grain/Egg/Soy/Nut/Sugar-Free)

Ice cream was never really my thing. I would take ooey gooey Chocolate Chunk Cookies or melt-in-your-mouth Irish Coffee Brownies over ice cream any day. But lately? That's been changing. Now I'll take chocolate chunk cookies, brownies AND ice cream.

Sorry, you thought I was going to pick ice cream over the other two? Never gonna happen.

But rich and creamy ice cream that you can make in five minutes? I'll gladly add that into my dessert repertoire any day.

And since it's Monday, you know it will only contain five ingredients or less.

Last week, our 5-ingredient recipes included such tasty desserts as: Grain-Free 5 Minute Chocolate Chip Cookies, Nutella Energy Bites, and Oreo Ice Cream Dessert.   

What recipes can you share at our virtual feast today? 

Here are the rules for 5-Ingredient Mondays:

  1. The dish must contain 5 ingredients or less. But to make it easier, pantry staples are not counted as ingredients. Neither are optional ingredients.
    1. Examples: salt, pepper, olive oil, baking soda, baking powder...basically if you think you would find the ingredient in any kitchen, you don't have to count it as one of your 5 ingredients. On the other hand, if it's a staple in your kitchen but not the average American's (i.e. coconut oil), count it. If you're unsure, go ahead and add the link. I'm not a stickler for rules!
  2. The dish must be gluten-free. Your recipe can be paleo, vegan, or anything in between. Breakfast, lunch, dinner or dessert. Side dish or main dish. The purpose here is to create a place where you can come to find recipes that you know will be gluten-free and super simple. 
  3. You must leave a link to your own recipe that goes to that week's 5-Ingredient Monday post, not on this static page. 
Your recipes don't need to be from this week, so feel free to check your recipe list for your favorite recipes to share. I will sometimes share photos of the recipes with links back to your blog, so by sharing your recipe, you are giving me permission to use your photo and link back to your recipe. 

The linky will be live through noon on Thursday.

Dairy-Free Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream Print-Me

Rich and creamy and delightfully simple. You'll want to make a habit of keeping a banana in the freezer so you can make this whenever the urge for ice cream strikes.  

1 banana, chopped and frozen
1/2 ripe avocado
1/8 teaspoon pure vanilla extract
1-3 fresh mint leaves
2 spoonfuls dairy-free chocolate chips
(Optional) Liquid sweetener to taste

  1. Puree banana, avocado, vanilla and mint in a food processor until it reaches a creamy consistency. 
  2. Taste and add sweetener if desired (I don't use any). Maple syrup, stevia, honey, and coconut nectar would all work here, as would any other liquid sweetener. 
  3. Spoon into bowl and stir in chocolate chips. 
Serves 1


Kate {Eat, Recycle, Repeat} said...

Looks fantastic! I've got a similar dessert to share - 3 ingredient chocolate pudding. Avocado is a fantastic dessert ingredient.

Aubree Cherie Davis said...

Hey Iris - I wasn't sure if mine (Frozen Brownie Batter) could really count as only 5 ingredients. Technically I list 9, but 4-5 or them seem like pretty common stables (cocoa, vanilla extract, etc). Hope it's okay that I'm sharing the recipe! Feel free to remove if you don't think it fits the parameters... :) ~Aubree said...

Looks delicious! And it is Paleo and Whole Life Challenge approved (if you cared to know) :-) Minus the chocolate chips and liquid sweetener...thanks for sharing!

gfe--gluten free easily said...

Hey Iris,

Your ice cream looks fantastic! I'm an ice cream lover and mint chocolate chip is my fave for sure. I have a recipe that we love, but I have not made it using avocado and would love to try it for that extra creaminess. :-)

I've linked up Paleo Pork Chips today. An easy kid-friendly and adult-pleasing recipe that is so simple, it's hardly a recipe. Several differnt options and non-pork lovers might want to try turkey, chicken, or even venison to make their "chips."

Happy week! xo,

Erin S said...

This ice cream looks amazing! I can't wait to give it a try. Do you think adding a bit of spinach to it will throw the taste or texture off?

fartygirl said...

a local vegan foodplace, called Oasis, serves this as a mint chocolate chip shake. no banana, though. with brazil nut milk. i may combine your recipes! as i'm kinda anti-banana! this makes me hungry for ice cream AND the summertime. :-)

Iris said...

Erin S- Give it a shot. I wouldn't add too much, as it could affect the texture. But it won't affect the flavor!

Purelytwins said...

oh yum! we have a very similar recipe using banana and avocado. so good together.


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