Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Three Truths and a Lie

Happy 2013! Let's start the year off with a game. Three Truths and a Lie. You guess which is the lie. If you guess right, I'll...I don't know...put a turkey on my head. 

1. I want to bake cream cheese cookies. I want to share my recipe for turkey pot pie with you. I want to experiment with various flours, making the same recipe over and over until I can give you all the substitution answers you want. But I'm following the autoimmune protocol recommended here and I am avoiding coconut right now, so there's no baking in my immediate future. Oh yeah, and I'm on a cleanse this week so there's not even any cooking in my future, much less baking.

2. When my boyfriend and I moved out of Seattle, our original intention was to move to Bellingham. However, life intervened. Or fate. Or something. We're now traveling around visiting various family members until spring, when we'll drive our little car to Missouri and attempt to start a life there. Our goal? Permaculture homestead and retreat center. Oh yeah. Come April, it's on.

3. After eating very carefully all week in New York City, I made a conscious decision to go to my favorite gluten-free restaurant. I stopped at S'Mac and got the gluten-free Mediterranean Mac and Cheese. I ate it with gusto and utter delight. Three days later, I couldn't stop myself and went again. My reaction was so mild as to be negligible, and I've learned that by following the autoimmune protocol, I can get my inflammation down enough to enjoy a special treat every once in a while. Can't do it often, but so good to know. (And yes, I am aware that this is probably not the best thing for my gut. But sometimes it's the best thing for me.)

4. I am a horrible liar. I sat here forever trying to come up with a credible lie to equal my truths. Couldn't think of a thing. So we'll play a different game instead. You get to pick tomorrow's post. You get your choice of any of the above truths or the recipe for the Carrot Cake Hot Breakfast Cereal in the photo above. Gluten/grain/dairy/soy/nut/egg/sugar-free. What's it gonna be?

p.s. Cleanse or no cleanse, you will get the recipe for the cream cheese cookies. I made them for my family's Christmas celebration and they were devoured too quickly to take a photo. But I'll make them again and...sigh...give them away. If you want a dairy-free version, check out my dairy-free cream cheese cookies here.

Oh wait! I have a lie! I hate green beans. No, I mean I love them. Right. I LOVE green beans. (Lying. So lying.)


wildflowers said...

Wow! You are moving to Missouri? We actually moved from WA, across the water from Seattle to MO a couple of years ago. Again, one of those life things. We are homesteading in an intentional community right now. What brings you out this way? I will say, since we are really rural now, the worst part is not being near cool grocery stores. We don't have much of an access to local, or organic or even somewhat groovy food.

Iris said...

Wildflowers, where are you living? If we're going to be nearby, I would love to connect!

hunterslyonesse said...

Johnna is in Missouri! So is Amber Shea. :D Same area, in fact.

Iris said...

Debi, thanks for reminding me! I definitely want to connect with them!

Cara said...

Sounds like you have a lot of great things going on :) Happy New Year!

Anne said...

Hard to decide... but I have no clue what it is, so I think I'd vote for info on the permaculture homestead.

Aubree Cherie Davis said...

Fun post! They all sound pretty reasonable to me and I'm horrible at telling if there is a lie.

I agree with the other comments though - a retreat center? Super cool :)

Unknown said...

Hi Iris, why are you avoiding coconut as I see it's on the list of "foods to eat?" Just curious...also, I would like to try a "protocol" like this or like a whole30 but it seems so strict and difficult. Do you have any tips for a newbie? I've been gf and mostly dairy free for a while - my biggest weakness is starchy stuff (oats for breakfast, chips, popcorn) and baked goods (using almond meal mostly). Oh! Are you avoiding coffee too? Any tips you could provide would be awesome! Thanks :)

Betty said...

Yes, what part of MO?
I am in North AR. :)

Would love to hear about the new
permaculture homestead.

Natalie said...

Haha I was carefully reading to see if I could pick out the lie. I hate green beans too! The carrot cake breakfast looks delicious, but I'd really like to hear more about the homestead!!

Iris said...

Betty, We'll be moving about 45 minutes north of Kansas City. Either in or near a small town called Lathrop.

Unknown, I have a tendency to go overboard on the foods I CAN eat since there are so many I can't. Coconut is one of those foods that if I eat too much, I start reacting to. It always seems that if I cut it out for a while, I can start eating it again.

Johnna said...

As Debi said, I am in Missouri AND just 15 minutes or so from Lathrop. I grew up 30 minutes north of Lathrop and now live on the edge of the city. So excited to welcome you to our beautiful part of the country!

Iris said...

Hi Johnna,

I'm so excited you live close to Lathrop! Yay! Can't wait to meet you!



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