Tuesday, October 16, 2012

For The Ladies

Source: http://www.thestoryproject.ca/women_support/index.html

I've gotten some arguments from men for being a Women's Wellness Coach and hosting Women's Healing Workshops. I've been told that I'm discriminating against them, and that men and women need to work together to heal rather than separately. Well, men, I hear ya. I hear ya, I love ya, and I will happily work with you if you want my help. In fact, I have worked with a couple of men in the last few months and I've loved it. But when it comes to my workshops and my upcoming retreats, sorry guys, they're for the ladies.

Here's why.

"Imagine what women could accomplish if they stopped hating themselves and each other and started loving themselves and each other."

Once upon a time, someone said something similar to this and the quote stuck with me. I just don't remember who said it or exactly how it was said. So this is my version. Think about all the energy that we spend hating our bodies and competing with other women. Imagine if we took all that energy, simply popped the air out of those old negative tires, and allowed that force to be used for positive change. What if we loved ourselves? What if we loved each other and supported each other each and every day? What would the world look like if women started coming together to make shit happen? You'll have to excuse my language here, but this is something I feel strongly about and so these words tend to come out.

We have a beautiful world that is falling apart. I see it, you see it, and I think we all know that if some big changes aren't made soon, it's going to be too late. Yet I see glimmers. I see hope. And I believe that women can be that hope. We can use the glorious power that we all have within us to effect change.

In working with women one-on-one, I see certain themes. It doesn't matter what the woman's age, race, marital status, sexual orientation, religion, or health status is. Every woman I've worked with has shown me that there is a core of power within her and that when given a safe space to heal and be nourished, she will become stronger than she ever believed possible. Every woman I've worked with has made a light bulb go off in my head. It happens so often now I just have to smile every time I feel that click. It's a click that says, "YES. This woman has a purpose. She is going to help change this world for the better." EVERY SINGLE WOMAN, even those that don't yet know it or believe it.

My purpose, I believe, is to help women find that core of strength from which to move out into the world. To be a safe space where women can heal and learn what they need to do in order to nourish themselves daily.

My hope is that with every woman who regains her power, that energy will radiate out into the world, making it exponentially brighter every day.

My belief is that when women begin to love themselves, amazing things happen. And when women begin to love and support each other, a cascade of awesomeness will unfold.

I want to start that cascade NOW. I'm already seeing some rather amazing work unfolding. And I say we take that to the next level. Here's how:

  1. Tune in on Friday to learn more about the 1st ever Safe Spaces Women's Healing Retreat I'll be hosting in Bellingham, WA with my beautiful soul sister, songstress Elise Brianne.
  2. Join the pinterest board, "Heal The World" and pin your visions.
  3. Tell the women in your life how beautiful they are. And don't stop there. Tell the random woman walking down the street how beautiful she is too. And strong. And smart. And so much more.
  4. The next time you're feeling a gossipy hate fest come on - and I'm a Cancer so I can do this with the best of them -  stop and tell yourself ten things that you love about yourself. Replace hate with love - and that love starts by loving yourself. After you've finished your own love fest, find ten things that you admire about the woman you were just about to bash. Come on, get creative! 
  5. Think about a change you would like to see happen. What women do you know that might be able to work with you to make that change a reality? Start talking with other women. When you put your dreams and desires out there, you'll start to find women all around you with the same visions. What seemed impossible when it was just you may suddenly become quite possible when you have the power of sisterhood to back you up. 
  6. Finally, believe. Believe in yourself, in your power, in your dreams and visions. Believe that you can change the world, that you are important. Believe that it is not only okay to take care of yourself, but imperative. Cherish yourself, for you are a key player in this ever changing world, and no one else can do what you're meant to accomplish.


Chelsey said...

Iris! What you are doing is so cool. It's actually revolutionary. I believe in everything you just said. Contrary to what you believe, you are changing the world! One woman at a time. There is a great need for what your doing...As your well aware.

I've been reading your blog for awhile but have been laying low, enjoying the content. I really like the perspective you give on self care/healing (and personal stories, hilarious!). I'm so happy for you following your heart. It takes tremendous courage to do what you know is right for you even though it goes against what makes sense to the world (finishing that masters vs what right for you now).

What you say resonates with me!

gfe--gluten free easily said...

A beautiful and powerful reminder, Iris. Thank you! That is going to be one awesome retreat!



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