Friday, June 29, 2012

Women's Wellness Wizardry and Hogwarts School of Hypnotherapy

Did I get your attention with that title?

I like to throw out the word Hogwarts whenever I want to get someone's attention. 

A couple weeks ago I shared the exciting news with you that I was beginning my own Wellness Coaching business. I jokingly referred to myself as a Women's Wellness Wizard, but I think I'm going to keep the title. Cue the new business cards!

Today I want to share with you how everything has been progressing for me, and I have some questions for you about your own wellness.

I'm just finishing my second week of officially working with clients doing wellness coaching through hypnotherapy, and I couldn't have wished for a better birthday present for myself. My clients are some of the most amazing women I know, and to be a part of their personal journeys feels like such an honor. Knowing that they're trusting me with their deepest fears and secret dreams inspires me to keep pushing past my own fears. To keep reaching for my own dreams.

One of those dreams is to connect and work with the women that I can be of the most service to.  And I'm learning that a big part of taking care of my clients is taking care of myself as well. When I am centered, I am able to give all of myself in my sessions.

In order to make sure that I am focusing all of my energy on each individual client, I have had to set a personal limit on how many people I can work with each week. I am a bit astonished to say that I've already hit that limit. However, I really want to work with you if you're excited and ready to make some changes in your life. So I'm setting up a waiting list, and I wanted to let you know so that you can contact me if you want to be on it. If we already corresponded via e-mail, I'll be sending you a message in the next few days so that you can be first on the list. If not, e-mail me at iris(at)thedailydietribe(dot)com to let me know of your interest.

I'm feeling inspired, I want to help you feel inspired, and I know that when the energy is there, it means it's time for you to push forward. So if you're feeling a tug, that little quickening that says, "I think it's time," don't hesitate. E-mail me now before your fear gets the better of you. Let me deal with the fear and hesitation. Just come at me with your energy, your excitement, and your knowledge that you're ready for something new.

That's all it takes for change to happen.

Now, this question is for all of you: those of you who are ready to do some awesome work with me, and those that are just relaxing and enjoying the blog love. The month of July is going to be all about self-care here at The Daily Dietribe and I want to make sure my posts are helpful for you. Here's what I'd like to know:
  • What's your biggest obstacle to self-care? 
  • If I were to make you a self-hypnosis recording, what topics would you most want me to post on (e.g. gut healing, life purpose, anger, etc.)?
Leave your answers in the comments below.  And for bonus points (which don't actually matter since there are no winners), answer this third question:
  • If you had an extra 2 hours in your week, and you were only allowed to use it for your own self-care, how would you spend that time? 
Coming up: July is a month for journeying through the self. Are you coming with me?


Metta said...

I have a quick question for you, then I’ll answer yours: how did you find a good training program for hypnosis.

Now on to your questions :)

My biggest obstacle to self-care is time and motivation. I think if I had the motivation then I would find the time. I used to be good at self-care, but I’ve gotten into a lazy cycle and can’t seem to get out.

As to the self-hypnosis recording, there is a poem by Galway Kinnell called “St. Francis and the Sow” where he says, “everything flowers, from within, of self-blessing” and that is what I’d like my recording to be. A reminder to flower from within of self-blessing, to remember that my strength lies within and all I need to do is stay connected to myself, my soul, god, mother earth, and those connections are my blessing, my grace.

If I had 2 extra hours for self-care, I’d do yoga, or a combination of yoga and dancing around the house to some really fun music.

Anonymous said...

What's your biggest obstacle to self-care?
Hands-down, it's time. Full time job, husband works nights, very active 15 year old (can't drive herself yet), 5 dogs, mini farm, aging parents.

If I were to make you a self-hypnosis recording, what topics would you most want me to post on (e.g. gut healing, life purpose, anger, etc.)?
Gut healing for sure! Building strength.

If you had an extra 2 hours in your week, and you were only allowed to use it for your own self-care, how would you spend that time?

Iris said...


I did my training through my school's continuing education program. Luckily Seattle has a number of great practitioners and my training was from Mary Lee Labay ( I don't know too much about online programs, so unfortunately I can't recommend anyone to you outside of Seattle. said...

My biggest obstacle to self care is time... I have a 10 year old with Aspergers, that I homeschool. She does not sleep. And I have a one year old. My husband works long hours. Though he is all about me taking time for myself, but by the time he can make it for me, I am so exhausted I just want to climb in bed. Or I have a migraine, but issue, hormone issue going on, tht I can't even move.

As for the recording, definitely gut healing and belief in myself that I can do all of this. Healing for me and my daughter, she has celiac as well, my aspy girl.

If I had two hours a week for self care, I am not sure where I would begin. When I do get a few minutes to myself and don't know what to do, as I am usually full steam ahead all day everyday. But ideally I wish I lived at the beach, because I would take that two hours and go sit with toes in sand listening to the tide roll in and out, and just soak in the sun and salt air. It grew up on the beach, and for some reason the beach just grounds me somehow. said...

And, I completely forgot to say... congratulations on your venture! It sounds like it is going well, and is very exciting!

Natalie said...

How exciting! Great job completing your training and filling up your schedule. The new title is fantastic. I think it was in your "about me" or another post that I saw you wanted to learn hypnosis and I instantly bonded with you in that moment! I want to learn that too! I believe it can make a big difference. Your question about self-care is really perfect for me because I need to address this. I used to be good at self-care but I think I have become so frustrated that nothing I have tried (and it's been A LOT) has gotten me feeling beter and over fibromyalgia and CFIDS. I feel sick of it all and motivation has gone out the window. I think I need to practice just getting balanced with myself internally again and being patient and loving to myself. Okay - that is the obstacle - I think there is something wrong with loving myself and taking care of myself - a pattern learned from my mom - take care of anyone and everyone else first... it's not okay to take care of you.

Ashley Wakefield said...

This was very hard for me to write...I am a very shy person, especially when it comes to this stuff, and haven't shared these personal things with many people...only my identical twin sister, and a little with my boyfriend. I thought it would be ok here because you have dealt with some of same the things I have. I am putting it all out there because I figure if I am writing some of it, I might as well write it all!

What's your biggest obstacle to self-care?
Motivation and strength and confidence/self esteem. I am trying to loose weight and have tried so many times with diet and exercise, but it just never really works. No matter how healthy I eat, how much I cut my portions or how much I work out...I get very frustrated. Maybe I am doing everything wrong? I try not to let it get to me, but after a while I loose the motivation. The easiest thing for me is eating healthy. I have to because of all my food intolerances and I don't really like junk for at all anyway. However, it takes a lot for me to get the motivation to cut my portions, especially because I have a problem with emotional eating and bingeing, and to work out and keep the motivation going.

If I were to make you a self-hypnosis recording, what topics would you most want me to post on (e.g. gut healing, life purpose, anger, etc.)?
Help with getting better confidence and self esteem. I think if that was better maybe it would help me stay motivated. Help with getting motivated and staying motivated. Help with kicking my habit of emotional eating and bingeing. I know this is a big factor in my trying to loose weight. However, there was a time when I didn't even have this issue and it was still very hard for me to loose weight. Maybe it's my blood type, haha.

If you had an extra 2 hours in your week, and you were only allowed to use it for your own self-care, how would you spend that time?
I would join a dance class or zumba class! This is more about having the money then having the time. A personal trainer would be amazing! But those are even more money.

hunterslyonesse said...

My biggest obstacle to my biggest need in self-care was my fear of being told no. I overcame that last week and I finally got what I need at work. No more closing shifts because I finally took the plunge and asked for what I needed and left it open for my boss to have a discussion with me. My request was approved without hesitation. *patting self on back*

If I could have a recording from you, it would be the healing meditation.

If I had an extra 2 hours for self-care every week, I would spend it immersed in my writing. Not for my blog, but for that novel I keep putting aside. :D

Anonymous said...

Time and energy are my buggest challenges. I just feel wiped at the end of the day and feel that all my energy goes to my kids - from activity planning to meal making...never ends!! I have taken on weight loss via Weight Watchers this summer which means planning my meal and finding time to exercise.

If I were to make you a self-hypnosis recording, what topics would you most want me to post on (e.g. gut healing, life purpose, anger, etc.)?
Anything that would inspire me to do for me...motivation to exercise and eat right while not kicking myself for spending time on me.

If you had an extra 2 hours in your week, and you were only allowed to use it for your own self-care, how would you spend that time?
I like Ashley's idea of zumba! But really, 2 hours of some different type of exercise - away from the kids with other adults would be great!

Anonymous said...

Once upon a time I was where you are now, only I had just finished chiropractic school, gone through a nasty divorce and was raising two young children and I had to drive 1 1/2 hours a day to and from school for 4 years. After I got out of school I had also I Just finished getting my masters in bionutrition was extremely shy and not sure where to go next. I knew the secret to true healing was to heal all four bodies the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual, but how?
I learned past life regressions, EFT and then NET to help clear emotions and now 30 years later I have helped myself to heal still have GI problems but have addressed A LOT of my emotional garbage
I find the major keys are loving oneself, appreciating oneself, wanting to live (tie into kidney problems) believing in oneself, being in charge of yourself and your life ( as opposed to feeling like the world controls you) and trusting your self are the majors. I also get emotional support drops from Professional Complimentary Haealth Formulations to support the affirmation and beliefs we worked on that day. Great job you are doing, and the best of luck to you

Rebecca Magliozzi said...

I have Hashimoto's, just like you! There are a few obstacles to my self care that I am trying to overcome.
1. I have two boys with autoimmune brain disease, PANDAS, one of which also has autism, but is recovering nicely from it. I have been working hard to get both stabilized over the last year. They have to eat a whole foods diet and the one with autism is GFCF and lots of other foods allergies, anaphylactic allergies to pets, etc. Did I mention he still wakes up at night?
At the end of the day after work and the kids, I am often to tired to work out or write, both of which help me so much.
2. I am one of my biggest obstacles. For years even though I had a history of autoimmune thyroid disease I refused to get help for it or research on how to treat it. I was being lazy, plain and simple. Now I keep putting off getting on an immune modulator, low dose naltrexone, that I tried in the past and that helped alot.
3.My work. We have a stupid HR person who makes a big deal anytime we need to take time off. I already have to take so much time for my kids, I can't bear to deal with her reaction to me taking an appointment for myself.

If I had two hours a week I would use them for working out, probably in yoga or swimming!

Steve Wilson said...

Wow that sounds beautiful, hypnotherapy can really give a big positive impact into our lives. It'll help us achieve that change we want to have within us. It's a very powerful tool to help us get rid of our depressions, anxiety, addiction and point of views. I am glad i have discovered hypnotherapy in london .

Therapy Virgin said...

My biggest obstacle is expecting my body to heal over night and getting frustrated and giving up when it doesn't. I've been recently diagnosed with PCOS, adrenal fatigue, hypothyroidism, and insulin resistance. I used to be very athletic, could leap over buildings and all that jazz. Now I'm tired all the time and I have a difficult time giving my body the time and patience it needs to get better.

I would love a hypnotherapy recording about gut-healing (many food sensitivities right now) and patience-- that would be heaven sent.

If I had 2 extra hours a week I would use my lovely new self-hypnosis recordings!


New reader to your blog, and I just love it!

Anonymous said...

My biggest obstacle: myself, because I prevent myself from doing things, giving up too early.
I was diagnosed with Hashimoto last year when I was mentally extremely down. I am struggling with eating disorders (overeating and emotional eating still left). As a child/teen I have been through a lot of obstacles which would not stop until January when I quit contact with my mother. I am happily pregnant now and would love to be more self-confident, find my true self, be calmer, way more positive and sometimes feel like pushing some reset button in order to start life new. I would like to get rid of my mistrust, negative and depressive thoughts.
If I had to extra hours I would use them for yoga to get more stability.
I am new to your blog and just felt you might be able to help. I have to admit I feel weird telling almost everything in the comment section. That is why I choose to keep anonymous.

Iris said...

Anonymous, Thank you for sharing your struggles here. I think it's so helpful for all of us to see that we are in this together, and to support each other on our journeys. If you would like to talk more privately, you can always e-mail me at iris(at)thedailydietribe(dot)com

Anonymous said...

Hi, this has struck such a cord with me as I sit here three days before Christmas with a severe chest infection. I have just rested now for 5 days, really doing nothing but care for myself and I feel really tearful that it has come to this to make me realise how little time I spend on me. I am semi retired, running a craft business from home so time is not the issue but I spend my time looking after or worrying about my grown up family and grandchildren. These last few months have been very difficult with one daughter going through a marriage breakup not of her making and another daughter being diagnosed with a condition that means she is now having to change all her life, work and aspirations. I feel I cannot do my yoga or meditation as I live in a small home with little free space and no mental space from my husband who is always home with TV on. This is all excuses and I vow here to change this and use my time more wisely. My meditation tape would be on motivation and anti-procrastination and my two hours would be split up and spent walking in beautiful places, seaside and country


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