Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Do you want to work with me?

I like to tease you. Have you noticed? I tell you about future blog posts, recipes I have in the works, even post photos of recipes I'm still working on.

Oh no, wait, I only do that on my Facebook page. (Which you can follow if you want those teasers!)

Here on the blog I tell you about exciting new dreams that I have in the works. And then I wink and shut my mouth. I tell you about giveaways and new sugar-free and grain-free recipes I'm planning, and then you hear nothing more about them for weeks. And yes, for those of you waiting, I promise you will get the DL on my yeast infection cure, including the embarrassing and hilarious story that goes along with it. I'm just waiting until a proper amount of time has passed. You know, so as not to mortify anyone else who may have been involved. But it's coming. I'm receiving your e-mails. I know you want it.

While you patiently wait, I want to give you something else you may have been curious about: my dream. Or at least the first part of it. Sorry, but I'm keeping mum about the rest, at least for a few more months.

Here it is. Consider this my official announcement. My press release, so to speak, because you're my people and it's not real to me until I've told you here on the blog. So now I've gone and done it, and there's no turning back.

I didn't tell you anything, did I?

Okay for real now. I am officially starting up a private practice. I got my business license, put up my metaphorical shingles and am learning how to keep my books. But that's just nuts and bolts. At the heart of it, I've figured out my purpose and I'm throwing myself headlong into it so that I can start helping you today. I have another year in grad school, so I'll only be taking on a small number of clients to start. But I just couldn't wait another year to begin!

What will I be doing? I haven't decided on a proper term since, as far as I can tell, there's no one else doing exactly what I'll be doing with my clients. If you want a name, you can call me a Women's Wellness Wizard. I'll happily respond to that title! But in reality, I won't be pointing my wand and healing you. Like any good wizard, I'll just be providing a safe space for you to do your own magic.

I know I'm being vague here, and there's a reason for that. It's because I don't believe in one-size-fits-all programs. Remember, I worked for Jenny Craig. I know there is no one answer for everyone. Our work together will be loose and flowy, like a comfortable dress that you can wear even when you have period bloat. But it will also force you to confront reality, like those skinny jeans we all avoid on certain days. It will require that you get honest and dig deep into your closet. Only then can you emerge with a different perspective and perhaps some shiny new clothes.

What you can expect if you work with me is this: intensive one-on-one sessions where we get to the emotional root of your health issues. Yesterday, I wrote about the connection between stress and inflammation, inflammation and disease. Well, this is where we work on that. We all have emotional blocks that just root themselves in our bodies. They grow there, and in so doing, block healthy growth. They create stress in our bodies, which creates inflammation, which creates disease.

If you're working with me, you can expect that we'll talk about nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle choices. That all matters. But mostly we'll be letting that go and working on the subconscious level. We'll be bypassing all the prickly thorns and analytical undergrowth, and going straight to the roots. When you clear out those emotional blocks, you eliminate stress from your body and your health naturally improves. I cannot cure you, but I know that YOU can heal you. I want to help you get there.

So here's the deal. I'll only be working with 9 clients to start, and some of those slots are already taken. If you know you're interested in working with me, here's what I'm offering. For one of you, I'm giving away a free introductory 1.5 hour session. I can work with anyone in the U.S. by phone.  This is my birthday present to both of us. Because I'm only taking on a small number of clients, I want to make sure I'm working with the people who are READY for change and PUMPED to clear those blocks. I'm going to give you everything I have if we're working together, and I want to know you're making yourself as much of a priority as I am.

What do I need from you? E-mail me at iris(at)thedailydietribe(dot)com with the subject line: Looking for a Wellness Wizard. Answer these three questions:
  1. What's the biggest challenge for your health right now? 
  2. What do you think is the biggest thing keeping you stuck? 
  3. Why do you think now is the time to deal with this? 
      The next part will be hard for me because I will only be able to choose one of you to work with in a free session. But for everyone who e-mails me these answers, I'll be offering you a very big discount if we decide to work together. So you win either way.

      Okay, that's it. If you want to take the leap and jump into this work, e-mail me now. I'll be accepting e-mails until Thursday at midnight (PST) and will pick a winner on Friday. Whoever you are, I can't wait to work with you!

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      Lori (Maine) said...

      Iris, you just continue to amaze me! As I read a bit more here and there on your work with women, nutrition, emotional blocks, etc I somehow feel like I know you--even though up until 2 wks ago I'd never heard of you! I love how you describe your sessions as loose and based on what the client needs and how in another post, you mentioned inner child work and how we ALL want to be loved! My own inner child felt seen, cared about and accepted in your presence.


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