Saturday, May 26, 2012

A Blessing for Memorial Day Weekend

I often find myself complaining about the difficulties in my life. School is so expensive, I'll never pay off my loans, I can't eat this or that, I feel fat, I don't know what I'm doing with my life! And on and on. Wah wah wah. On another day, I'll feel sorry for myself and enjoy me a pity party. But today, the sun is shining and I am fully aware of my blessings. So I offer a prayer and a blessing for the world today. May you echo this prayer in your heart, and may the energy of the blessing spread the world over.

For The World
On this day, I pray for love
Love for myself, love for the world
Love for everyone who is in pain and everyone who is in joy

On this day, I wish for peace
A peace of mind that comes from knowing we are all connected in spirit
That our sorrows are one, and our delights are one

On this day, I wish for equality
Equality for those who still don't have it
Equality for those who are fighting to be recognized

On this day, I wish for safety
Safety for those who are abused
Safety that allows you to let go without fear

On this day, I pray for our future
I pray that we will find our way
And that it will lead us into love

On this day, I pray for you
I pray for your happiness, for your health
I dream of your visions coming true
Of a peace that begins within your very core
And radiates out to encompass all you pass
I wish today for you to feel love
To know that I love you
As I love myself
And that we are all blessed

On this day, I pray for the world
And I send my love near and far
In the hopes that it might flit your way
That you might catch it
And send it back out
Building in strength with each person it touches

On this day, I pray for love.

Send out a prayer of love to the world, then turn off your computers or smart phones and go BE PRESENT. Present with yourself, present with your loved ones, present with today. Know that each moment is a chance to be ALIVE. And that is a blessing.


Stephanie said...

You too Iris!

Marty said...

Beautiful, beautiful! And I love the accompanying photographs.

Honor the fallen, heal our wounds, and stop all wars, that is my wish as we celebrate this holiday. said...

beautiful post! thanks for sharing! great blog:)


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