Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Detox for a Good Cause!

My mom is a family day care provider, and playing with the kids after school was always one of my favorite activities. When I was in college, my friends and I drove home one week to spend a few days with my family. While my best friend and I thoroughly enjoyed convincing our guy friends to play my old Sweet Valley High board game (and taking pictures for future blackmailing purposes), we had the most fun playing with the kids.

This little one in particular stole all of our hearts.

Baby Gwen charmed all of us from the first moment. When my mom called and told me she had suffered a seizure, of course we were both worried. It took many hospital trips and sleepless nights for Gwen’s family before the doctors were able to diagnose her. And that was just the beginning of a long journey, one only made possible by the love and care of Gwen’s parents and sister, and Gwen’s own optimism and bright spirit. Diagnosed with Mitochondrial Disease, Gwen was not able to eat and had to receive IV nutrition. She has spent as much of her young life in the hospital as out, and was the recipient of a multi-organ transplant, which included a new stomach, intestines, liver, pancreas, and spleen. Today, as always, she and her family are fighting to help her live a healthy life and allow her to do as many of the things young kids like to do as possible. A while back, my mom told me how excited Gwen was to be able to have a bite of banana. As a food blogger, I live and breathe food, and I realize that Gwen will never take for granted the ability to enjoy a piece of fruit or a bite of cake. Her delight in something as simple as being able to taste a banana for the first time reminds us all of the power of food, and of the strength we all have within us to live each day with love and happiness.

D-Tox e-Cookbook Now on Sale!
One cold January, 20+ bloggers came together for 31 days to share 31 nourishing and detoxifying smoothie, juice, and soup recipes. The blogosphere buzzed with great new ways of increasing the intake of fruit and vegetables to start the year off right.

This January D-tox event was so well received that these 20+ bloggers decided to write and publish an e-cookbook—capturing these fantastic recipes, tips and tricks in one place.  You’ll find one of my smoothie recipes in the book!

And so without further ado, we announce the release of Eat Fresh and D-Tox Your Life: A Collection of Smoothies, Juices, Soups and Tips for the Whole Family. Not only will this book provide you with inspiration to increase your intake of fresh fruits and vegetables, but it also benefits others. All proceeds from this e-book go directly to MitoAction.

MitoAction and Their Mission.
MitoAction is a Boston-based nonprofit helping children and adults with mitochondrial disease navigate the complex journey of managing the disease. MitoAction’s mission is to improve the quality of life for everyone affected by mitochondrial disease through support, education, outreach, and advocacy initiatives. You may read more about MitoAction here.

What is Mitochondrial Disease?
Mitochondrial disease is a genetic, neurodegenerative disorder that occurs when the mitochondria fail to produce enough energy for cell or organ function. More common than cystic fibrosis, mitochondrial disease can develop in both children and adults and is often misdiagnosed. Mito symptoms are varied and progressive, and can include stroke, muscle pain, extreme fatigue, and organ failure. Mitochondrial disease is related to many other conditions, including autism, Parkinson’s disease, diabetes, and Alzheimer’s.

Download Your e-Cookbook Today!
To download your PDF e-cookbook Eat Fresh and D-Tox Your Life and support the efforts of MitoAction, click here.

In this e-cookbook you will find:
Tips like “How to Hide Greens” & “Smoothies and the Color Wheel”
9 Kid-Friendly and Beginner Smoothie Recipes
19 “Now I’m Feeling Braver” Smoothie and Juice Recipes
A handful of soups, Detox Tips and More!
Personal stories from, and hyperlinks, to each blogger’s website
$10 suggested donation. Click here to download.

Dedicated with love to Gwen

Thank you to Lexie and Nicola for putting this book together!

Join the Effort.
If you would like to promote and sell this e-cookbook on your site, please feel free to do so. Use the content of this post freely (copy and images) and grab the badge below and link it to this url. And THANK YOU for your support!

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Such a beautiful post!!!! Much much love and thank you so much for helping us to pull this together for such an amazing cause.
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