Saturday, July 2, 2011

V's Reviews: Love Grown Granola

Happy July My Dearest Readers!

Today, I want to introduce you to a new face at The Daily Dietribe. V (a.k.a. Venessa Frysztacki) is my housemate and a fellow nutrition student. She's also my top taste tester. In fact, she joked today that she's going to gain a pound of gluten-free goodies now that I've started working on the cookbook. I'm constantly running to her room with cookies in hand, asking for her opinion.

As you may know, I have a number of dietary restrictions, which makes reviewing products relatively difficult. More often than not, I end up turning down offers to review gluten-free goodies. But I remember feeling overwhelmed by the expense of all the food when I first started eating gluten-free. I hated spending a lot of money on something that didn't taste good! So I thought it would be nice to let you know what's worth the money and what you should leave at the store.

Enter V. My lovely housemate knows gluten-free: the good, the bad, and the inedible. After all, she gets to taste everything I make, including all the recipes that never make it onto the blog! Luckily for her though, she can eat gluten. Which is also good for us because her product reviews will give you the perspective of someone who's used to eating regular food all the time (although I don't know if I should say "regular." V eats super healthy!).

V's Reviews will be a monthly review posted on the first of every month. Today, we're starting with Love Grown Granola. You can read more about V here. And here's what she thought of Love Grown:

Shortly after I agreed to this new venture, my first assignment arrived in the mail – a generous care package of four different flavors of gluten-free granola from the folks over at Love Grown Foods in Colorado. Love Grown Foods is passionate about creating natural, healthy and delicious granolas, free of ingredients that begin with words such as refined, trans, and artificial.

With so much granola to share, a little breakfast/granola sampling party was in order. We tasted the granolas with soy milk, but they would be great with any kind of milk or yogurt, as a topping for fresh fruit, or however you like your granola! Here are the most popular comments for each of the flavors:

Cocoa Goodness – This flavor was the most popular! The cocoa is very lightly sweetened for those of us who do not want too much sugar in the morning. One of the tasting crew said it should be called “Cocoa Goodness-a-Rama”, and another said it would be amazing with sliced banana.

Raisin Almond Crunch – This was my personal favorite!!! So yummy with delectably prepared whole almonds, raisins, coconut flakes, and a nice shake of cinnamon. A very fine flavor indeed!

Sweet Cranberry Pecan – Nice tartness from the cranberries, balanced with coconut, cinnamon, and sweetness from agave and honey.

Apple Cinnamon Walnut – Unfortunately our pooch pal Conan the Barbarian got to this variety while we weren’t looking and devoured the contents. He did look very pleased with himself afterwards so I am pretty sure it was another tasty flavor!

These granolas do contain agave, but if you are not on the anti-agave brigade they are a great choice when you want a tasty gluten-free granola. Love Grown Foods is still a growing company so check their website to see if they carry it at a store near you.

Thank you to Nick, Nico, Mike, Vic, and Conan the Barbarian for helping me review this line of tasty granolas!


Heather @Gluten-Free Cat said...

I just tried this granola last week. Loved it! Good to meet you, Venessa. I look forward to your reviews!

seymour said...

what happened to v's reviews?

Iris said...

I loved V's Reviews, but she's very busy with school and life and can't commit to it right now. But anytime she wants to review a product, I'm happy to have her. : )


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