Friday, January 21, 2011

Detoxify Your Life. Your Way

If our bodies could talk, what would they say? If we could ask them, what do you need to feel happy, healthy and full of energy, what kind of a response would we get? Would they tell us to go to bed earlier, to eat more vegetables, and to walk daily? Would they ask us to stop drinking those vodka tonics, and to lay off that afternoon candy bar? Perhaps they'd tell us to take a chill pill and stop stressing out over every little thing. Maybe they'd ask for sex daily. Maybe they'd ask us to stop having sex daily. Maybe your body would tell you it loves ice cream and hates spinach, so please stop forcing that green stuff down my throat!

Who knows. What makes my body sing might make your body cry and your best friend's body ache. We are, all of us, fabulously unique, and our bodies' needs reflect that. Nicola of G-Free Mom has been hosting a month of detox soups, smoothies, and juices to inspire us to find our own way to health. For her, a diagnosis of breast cancer led her to a family goal of increasing their daily fruits and vegetables. For her son, a gluten, milk, and cheese free diet has been integral in dealing with a variety of symptoms. And for me, achieving health has meant giving up a lot of foods that I never would have suspected of being a problem. Spinach, avocados, bananas, and lemons are all on my no-can-do list, along with too many other foods to get into here.

So what does it mean to detox? How do we rid our bodies of unwanted toxins and have the robust health we so desire? How do we do it on a daily basis, rather than in short-lived bursts? I can show you what works for me. And you can check here for all the recipes that other bloggers have shared for Detox January. But then, I hope you'll step back for a moment and ask the question of the only person who really knows what you need: yourself. It may be that you're eating exactly as you should be, that some changes are in order, or that diet isn't the issue at all. Let your body tell you what it needs. And resolve to listen, no matter what it has to say.

I've had to say goodbye to my beloved green smoothies (no bananas or spinach right now), but they might be just the thing for you.
Soup, on the other hand, is always welcomed by my body. This is my own vegetarian version of chicken soup for the soul.
A cabbage, apple, cucumber juice? I think this makes my body happier than anything else. Well, okay that's not exactly true. There are some things that make me much happier, and they have nothing to do with food.  But this feels pretty good too.

Detoxify your life. Your way. 


Nicola @ gfreemom said...

This post is beautiful! We are all SO unique. My Tibetan doctor gave me a list of 'no's' too. They include cucumber and carrot. Who would have known? I'm not brilliant at sticking to his list, but I have become better at listening to my body and try to teach my kids the same thing. Your words are wise. Thank you!

hunterslyonesse said...

Iris, I love this. You make a great point about what works to help one detox might not help another. I agree that this is something we should be doing daily, too. It has certainly helped me. :D

ellie rose said...

this post is wonderful, I absolutely love it! Far to often we can be pressured into eating, drinking or doing something just to please other people, even when we know it is not what our body wants. Thankyou for this post, it really made me think :)

Brittany said...

Your post came to my inbox at a PERFECT time...I was diagnosed with Lupus and have been on a water fast since Sunday night. I decided to break it Friday evening by drinking some watered down apple juice. The result, I'm in pain and am swollen. Never thought in a million years I'd be allergic to apples!

Kim-Cook it Allergy Free said...

Iris, I knew the first time I ever saw your picture on your blog that there was something I immediately liked about you. Maybe it is those wise wise eyes of yours (not coming on to you, I promise. LOL). You have an amazing spirit and I think you seem to be on a similar path as I am.
But this post is absolutely perfect. Perfect. It is exactly what I have been working on in my own life. I have really started to be tuned in to exactly what is right for my body. Instead of beating myself up, I listen to the way my body responds to each thing I eat or do to know what it right. And, because my kids cannot quite do that yet, I just watch for the little signs that I have learned to watch out for in them. It makes it a lot easier instead of saying that we all should do this or eat that. Different things may work for each of us. You said it WONDERFULLY! Well done, my friend. I loved this. ;)

Maggie said...

This is great Iris. You're always so insightful, and I think that comes from your own food journey. It's so true, we all need to stop and listen to what our bodies need. I'd be lost without spinach and bananas too :(

gfe--gluten free easily said...

Oh, Iris, so often I listen to my body and then turn around and do the opposite of what my body told me to do and what I thought I should do. You give us so much of you and so much wisdom all rolled into one, and in such a beautiful way. This post is bathroom mirror worthy, planner worthy, read daily worthy ... thank you so much, my dear! Love that soup, too, and want to try that smoothie combo. :-)


Ricki said...

I agree with every word here, Iris. One of the things I've been trying to do more since the new year is ask my body what it wants--and then really listen. Who knew my body was so smart? ;) Your soup looks great. And I love cabbage in my juices, too--so soothing to the digestive tract. :)

Lori said...

Soup is always welcome by my body... I like that line. Soup is such a satisfying dish for me too. Salads and cold soups in the summer. Soup in the winter! We often have soup alone for dinner.

Sandra said...

This is just so perfect..I am new at you blog and I already like everything! Love this post, I need detox asap...Thanks for sharing!


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