Thursday, September 2, 2010

Gluten-Free Fall Specials

September is a month for transitions. For kids, college students, and teachers, it's transitioning back to school. For parents, it's getting back to a structured time schedule with your children, planning their lunches and making sure homework is done. For everyone else, the whirl of the "back-to-school" rush seems to infuse the air with a bitter sweet perfume. The aroma of pumpkins and freshly baked bread begins to overtake the fresh summer smell of watermelons and tomatoes. If you're like me, the very scent of Fall conjures up a medley of emotions. Standing in one spot, watching the leaves turn golden and red and twist in the wind, you can almost see time passing. The ghost of your own childhood rushes by you, laughing as she jumps in piles of leaves. The future beckons, calling to you with the allure of the unknown. Laughter, sadness, excitement, regret, hope, love, and adventure are all carried in the subtle breeze. 

If you're like me, saying goodbye to summer is a poignant reminder of how quickly we all grow up. But the approaching winter also brings with it the promise of holiday gatherings, mom's apple pie, and nights spent snuggling under a warm blanket watching family classics, like Meet Me in St. Louis. My own sadness at losing the light of summer is lost in the excitement of the return of Fall baking. Last year, I was just learning to bake gluten-free. This year, I want to bake bread, rolls, and pies. I want to cook butternut squash soup and continue on my quest to find the perfect Christmas morning cinnamon roll recipe. I want to do it all, but since it's September, I'll be spending the month, like many of you, starting school again. I leave for Seattle on September 15th to move into my new home with four women who will hopefully become great friends. I have gluten-free recipes bouncing around in my head, but with a busy month ahead of me, very little time to be in the kitchen experimenting. If I'm to cook or bake at all, I need to have recipes that I know will work, that have been tested, and in some cases, kid-approved. Next month, I'll get back to experimenting. But this month, I'm all about following recipes. 

With that idea comes the knowledge that most of us are in the same situation. Too little time to do everything we had planned. So I've arranged to have some of my favorite gluten-free bloggers share their recipes with you to help you make this month of transition a little bit easier. You might be wrestling with the coming lack of vitamin D, with a child who doesn't want to go to school, or simply with the excitement/stress of holidays, but this month you'll find a host of recipes you know you can count on to keep your family healthy and yourself sane. Every Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday this month, I'll feature a guest post from a different blogger with an amazing recipe or back-to-school idea. All gluten-free, and all created with love.

Gluten-Free Fall Specials will feature:

Thank you all in advance for sharing your gluten-free skills with me (us) this month, and readers, stop by on Sunday for our first post from Alea. I got a sneak preview of her recipe, and I can tell you it's one you don't want to miss!


Valerie @ City|Life|Eats said...

So excited to be part of this :)

gfe--gluten free easily said...

What a great group (some folks I still need to check out)! I'm honored to be participating, too. And, I'm so excited about your all your new exciting adventures! :-)


Alea said...

You captured my sentiments! I hate letting go of summer, but love many elements of fall.

I am thrilled to be participating in your fall specials. I wish you joy and success in your new ventures!

briogusto said...


Good luck with your move! I look forward to hearing all about your new experiences here on the coast (the weather has been LOVELY, by the way), and about your quest to find that perfect cinnamon roll. Yum.


saxifrage said...

Beautifully written! I'm excited to hear from all your upcoming guests... and to sample some of these breads and rolls and pies you mention ;-)

John @ Rise Above Gluten said...

In the spirit of fall specials - has many GF products on sale this month. I have some more info on this on my site.

Time to go get some Vitamin D...must store for the winter! :)

Tasty Eats At Home said...

Gonna be an exciting series! Thanks for inviting me to be a part of it.

Cheriss said...

Great! Hope to see some new dinner recipes. I feel like we're eating the same thing over and over...


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