Monday, August 23, 2010

Simple Stomach Soothing Snacks

Cabbage Smoothie

Simple. Fast. Soothing. These have been the guidelines for most of my food the last few days. I am not always good at eating exactly the way my body would like. If I were to do it perfectly, I would eat a gluten-free, dairy-free, sugar-free diet. It would be low-carb, with an emphasis on vegetables and lean protein. I would follow the tenets of food combining at every meal. I would drink 64 ounces of water every day. I would have a vegetable juice daily. I would never eat dried fruit. I would probably have to give up a lot of other things as well. If I were to eat perfectly, I would never eat a grilled cheese sandwich on Udi's gluten-free bread with tomato slices and bacon bits for dinner.

I am not perfect.

But I'm pretty good most of the time. I also know when my body can handle something a little more decadent and when it needs rest. This past week it needed rest. So while I craved that grilled cheese sandwich or a slice of pizza, I listened to my body and ate simply. Vegetable juices, green smoothies, lots of water, and everything mild, mild, mild. If you're having one of those days when your stomach needs a break, or you just want to send it some calming love, here are a few quick ideas to help you on your way.

Cabbage Smoothie
(Why cabbage? After Dr. Internet determined that I might have an ulcer, it told me that cabbage juice was a great remedy. Not wanting to down four glasses of plain cabbage juice daily, I began incorporating cabbage into my daily routine. If I have an ulcer, it might help. If not, it's still really good for me) 

1/2 - 1 banana
1/2 - 1 cup frozen cherries
1 - 2 cups cabbage
hemp milk (approx. 1 cup)

You can use any frozen fruit you want for this smoothie. The one in the photo used peaches, but frozen cherries are my favorite addition. 

Throw all the fruit and vegetables in the blender. Add enough milk to reach the 1 cup mark. Blend until smooth. This makes enough for two people or one large smoothie.

    Cabbage Cooler

    1/2 apple
    1/2 cucumber
    enough cabbage to fill a cup of juice

    When I make juice, I usually just throw veggies and fruits in the juicer until I have enough juice. So I don't know how much cabbage I actually use, but for 1 cup of juice, I use half an apple, half a cucumber, and as much cabbage or as many greens as it seems to need. If you're new to juicing and want a sweeter juice, you can use the whole apple. 

    Cucumber Salad

    1 small cucumber, thinly sliced or diced
    small handful fresh basil, diced, or tsp. of dried basil
    salt to taste

    Toss the cucumber with basil and sprinkle with salt.

    "Baked" Apple and Zucchini Breakfast

    1 apple, grated
    1 zucchini or summer squash, grated
    1/2 - 1 tsp. cinnamon

    Stir all your ingredients in a bowl and microwave in the oven for 3 minutes. Take out, stir, and microwave another 2 minutes if needed.

    When you're done giving your stomach all this tender, loving care, you can finish by writing it a love letter. Dear stomach, I love you. Please love me back. 


    Stephanie said...

    Thanks for posting these recipes. Totally feeling like I need to eat calm these days. Wish I could tolerate cabbage, both of those recipes sound great. I'm definitely going to be trying the cucumber salad and zucchini breakfast. YUM!!

    Britt said...

    This is great! I know you're into green smoothies too, and I have some extra cabbage lying around, so I was actually going to ask you if you ever use cabbage in your smoothies. Perfect. Thanks for the tips!

    gfe--gluten free easily said...

    Great recipes, Iris. I find I really love cabbage in smoothies. Maybe I need it? Yes, to listen to one's body is an absolute gift. Mine was screaming at me yesterday ...


    Tasty Eats At Home said...

    I think your body and my body request the same treatment most days! But I too don't always listen. Right now, I should - and eat some of these snacks. Not the cabbage ones though - at least, not very often. Cabbage and I don't get along if I eat very much of it at once. Unless it's sauerkraut. But cucumber salad? YES! And that zucchini-apple bake? Wow, what a great idea.

    Aubree Cherie said...

    I struggle with tummy issues so much that it seems to be normal. I want to try these different recipes and see how they work with me! I also struggle with the need to snack (or just eat constantly... haha) so the cucumber salad and zucchini apple bake are pretty exciting ideas! (I love simple :))

    Also, I wanted to let you know that I added this 'series' of recipes to my favorite recipes from last week!

    ~Aubree Cherie

    Stephanie said...

    I love your post. So true that we know what is best for us most days but go for something more decadant. I am actually looking forward to not being pregnant anymore just so that I can kinda "detox" and eat more cleansing and healing foods instead of being hungry all the time for protein. Thanks for the inspiration and love! xoxo, Stephanie

    evaline said...

    Interesting about cabbage juice... unfortunately I am one of those that can't eat a lot of crucifers unless they are pickled or cooked to a mush, or I get alarming GI symptoms + the flushed I-feel-feverish-but-don't-have-one thing. I have been hoping that after some healing I will be able to eat them again, because it's a huge hole in my diet... :(

    Iris said...

    @Stephanie @Evaline Thanks for both pointing out that cabbage isn't the easiest thing for you raw. I wondered if that might be a problem for people when I wrote this. For some reason, raw cabbage is easy on my stomach (although sauerkraut is not), but if it's a problem for you, these same recipes would work just as well with any kind of green, such as kale, lettuce, or spinach.

    Karina Allrich said...

    I'm in the ulcer-healing camp, too. I haven't been brave enough to try cabbage juice, but I've eating vegan coleslaw (does that count?). I recently read that raw cabbage is much easier to digest than cooked (who knew?). And that bananas are soothing to an ulcer. I find that *is* true. I'm also taking a teaspoonful of aloe juice after meals. And drinking licorice root tea. Hopefully we both beat this monkey gut thing, right? xox Karina

    lynn @ the actors diet said...

    woah i've never heard of a cabbage smoothie! but why not, if kale works so well?!?

    Farty Girl said...

    great recipes! cabbage smoothie sounds like a great idea... it's not too offensive of a taste. I can imagine it would blend in with other things nicely! Love the baked breakfast recipe too!


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