Thursday, February 4, 2010

Roasted Acorn Squash and Brussel Sprouts: Or What To Eat During The Superbowl If You're On An Elimination Diet

So, what are your plans for the Superbowl?

This is a necessary question if you're a weight loss counselor. Are you going to a party? Hosting your own party? How do you want to handle the food? Give yourself a pass for Sunday and eat what you want? Bring your own veggie platter and fruit bowl to share? Make a small plate of food and then stay away from the food table the rest of the night?

Personally, I don't have to worry about any fattening foods at the Superbowl. I doubt I could gain weight on this elimination diet if I tried to. Well, not to mention that I couldn't eat anything at a party anyway. I'll actually be having a few friends over this Sunday, but I'm not going to make anyone else be on the elimination diet with me. My boyfriend will be buying beer and Mexican food for a more traditional Superbowl spread. But what am I going to eat while everyone else is having nachos?

It might sound strange, but I'm planning on making my latest favorite snack: roasted acorn squash and brussel sprouts. I love these hot out of the oven or cold the next day. The brussel sprouts are especially good cold. Now, it's come to my attention that my taste buds may not be exactly the same as the average American's. Last night, I offered a bite of my collard wraps to a couple of friends. I loved them! They wanted water to wash down the taste. So I know not everyone out there will be as happy with snacking on brussel sprouts as I am. But I imagine if you're reading this blog, you probably have a taste for food that's a little bit different...

So, here's how I make roasted brussel sprouts and acorn squash. If you haven't made this before, definitely give it a try.

Roasted Acorn Squash and Brussel Sprouts
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1 acorn squash
approx. 20 brussel sprouts
2 Tbsp. olive oil
sea salt

  1. Cut the squash in half and scoop out the seeds. Then, using a peeler, peel the skin off, cutting it into chunks as you go along. Rinse off the brussel sprouts.
  2. Place squash and sprouts on a baking pan, and drizzle olive oil and salt over them. Toss to coat evenly.
  3. Roast in the top rack of the oven at 400 degrees for approximately 60 minutes. Occasionally turn the veggies with a spatula so they roast evenly. The time could be shorter or longer depending on how hot your oven gets. The brussel sprouts will begin to turn black and the squash will start to crisp a nice dark color.

Do you have any special dietary needs that keep you from enjoying the same dishes as everyone else at parties? What do you like to bring if you know you'll be going to a party where you can't eat much?

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Heather @ Life, Gluten Free said...

Yum that looks awesome. I have been wanting some organic brussel sprouts but the price has been really high. I absolutely, and always have, loved brussel sprouts. I have no idea why other people cringe at their name.

I don't follow sports, nor does my husband, so we don't do anything for the super bowl. But I have heard a lot of people talking about it lately so I guess it is coming up!

Iris said...

Heather - I didn't like brussel sprouts growing up, but now that I know how to cook them, I love them! And I don't follow sports either, but my boyfriend's a fanatic. Especially if it's an Ohio team.

Aubree Cherie said...

Yuuuum! I haven't a brussel sprout in a very long time; I love them though! My grama used to make them for my sister and I, but they were lathered in butter (nooooo! haha). I feel like the semi bittery taste of the b sprouts would be awesome with the squash. Because of this post, I've already added brussel sprouts and acorn squash to this weekends shopping list!

(Also - you're new profile photo is gorgeous! Love the angle of the sun and the color too :))

~Aubree Cherie

Iris said...

Thanks Aubree! The photo was taken by a friend who's a photographer.

Tasty Eats At Home said...

I'm running into the same "taste bud" issues with family and friends. I was chatting with people yesterday at work about filling up on veggies at lunch (the lady I was talking with had some microwave 200-calorie pizza that was about the size of my hand - no joke - and was complaining about how it wasn't going to fill her up.) I mentioned steamed spinach, kale, collards, to which everyone within earshot wrinkled their noses. And then I proceeded to take my giant tub of kale out of the microwave. Whatever, more for me. Same at home - husband made the "gag" face when sniffing some lentils I was cooking. They were lentils de puy - the KING of lentils! Again, more for me! Who says health food has to be gross?

Fayinagirl (means Free One) said...

I just bought squash and brussels sprouts last night. Now I know what I'm making for dinner. Yummy!

Mikki said...

YUM! These look fantastic and what a different alternative to the wings and chips!!

fartygirl said...

Brussel sprouts are definitely the perfect special occasion food. They are so savory... espesh roasted with some evoo and lots of oregano. My parents turn up their noses at my brussels... but I think they are just grrrrryum!!! :)

Michal said...

Your brussel sprouts are looking mighty fine to me :) I love em but I have never prepared them myself before!


brussels and butternut squash are one of my fave combos (toss in a few cranberries and i'd die). i'd rather have THAT than anything i'm sure will be offered today.

Just Call Me Zippy said...

I love brussel sprouts, but Moonpie calls them Little Balls of Death so I don't fix them often. I have never roasted them before, but will certainly try this.

Ricki said...

Yep, like you, I definitely love brussels sprouts and squash--roasted is even better! Luckily, we don't watch the Super Bowl here, so no worries about what to eat. ;)

Thanks for your comment on my blog--re: cravings, I'm sorry to say that now, even after ELEVEN MONTHS on the anti-candida diet, I still get cravings. I wonder if perhaps one just gets used to them and learns to ignore them. . . some days I have to decide "nothing sweet"--not even w/ stevia--until it subsides. Do you have any strategies to overcome cravings?

The upside, of course, is that I eat lots of meals like this one, and the health benefits are astounding. At least I love veggies, too! :)

Chelsey said...

Bring on the brussel sprouts! I love them with lemon, a tiny bit of butter with sprinkling of fried prosciutto crumbles, Yummy! My kids ask for them at the grocery store. One time I decided I was going to be cheap and buy frozen ones for convenience sake (I never make frozen veggies). BIG mistake. I served them up and the kids were all excited (because they are weird and like brussel sprouts!) and dug in eagerly only for their noses to scrunch up in disgust. They looked at me and were like "Mom what are these? They are NOT brussel sprouts!". I tried one for myself to see the "light". Yes, they were awful. Turned to mush the minute your teeth began squeezing down. Absolutely disgusting. Now I always buy fresh. That memory keeps everything in perspective.

The Royal Family said...

looks very good, beautiful pictures too!

come link up at our new blog


Brittany @ Real Sustenance said...

yummmm! This reicpe has Seasonal Sundays Written ALL over it.
xo, Brittany


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