Sunday, December 20, 2009

The Challenge

Exams are over...we finally have heat in our the baking can begin! The goal: one crustless pecan pie courtesy of Gluten Free Easily, one pumpkin pie from The Gluten Free Homemaker, a variation on Gluten Free Mommy's m&m sour cream cookies, snickerdoodles from Gluten Free Is Life, sugar cookies from Only Sometimes Clever, another go at cinnamon rolls from I Am Gluten Free, my mushroom and leek quiche, and an attempt to make mini mushroom pie squares. What are those, you ask? I'm not quite sure. They're just an idea in my head for now. But I'm going to concoct something and hope it turns out well so I can bring it as a gluten-free option for Christmas.

The challenge: Baking everything in the next four days while still working two more days, finishing my Christmas shopping, getting to S'Mac to pick up mac and cheese for Christmas Eve dinner, finding sweet white rice flour or praying that I can make the sugar cookies work without it, trying not to freeze because my windows let in ridiculous amounts of cold air, and continuing to eat healthy, exercise, and stay calm while I do all this.

The first task: Braving the cold with the largest grocery list I think I've ever had.

The question: Can she do it?

The answer: Tune in to find out...

4 days until Christmas Eve...And...GO!



happy baking!!!

Iris said...

Thanks Lynn!

Lauren said...

Thats a pretty nice list! I know you can do it - good luck =D.

gfe--gluten free easily said...

Good morning, Iris! I've got a similar list myself. Somehow it always works out though. Thanks so much for the shout out--very sweet. :-) I really hope you enjoy the crustless pecan pie. Your other choices sound great as well. The mini mushroom pie squares sound especially tasty.

Get some of the that self-stick weatherstripping for your windows. You can stick it along the outside of the window so it blocks the cold air from coming in, but you can't see it from the inside. Makes an amazing difference.

Happy Monday! Good luck to us both and thanks again!



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