Saturday, October 24, 2009

New Gluten-Free Bakery In Manhattan!

Tully's Gluten-Free Bakery

If you eat gluten-free, you've probably had this experience. You go to the store and spy a box of gluten-free cookies. The picture on the box shows a big cookie that looks soft and chewy and straight out of your dreams. So you fork over more money than anyone would spend on regular cookies (let's be honest; gluten-free is generally not cheap), and you bring your box of cookies home, anticipating that first chewy bite. You get home and open the box (or if you're me, you do this on the subway because you're too impatient to wait), take out that first cookie and take a bite. And then...

Disappointment. Not soft. Not chewy. It doesn't taste anything like the pretty picture on the box that made you think of your mom's baking. Sadness.

Luckily for us, gluten-free baking is undergoing quite the revolution, and new bakeries are popping up everywhere. When I learned that a new bakery was giving away free samples only a few blocks from where I work today, I had to run over. Actually, I snuck over on my lunch break, hoping none of my clients would spy me eating cookies and brownies. Tully's Gluten-Free brownies and chocolate chip cookies did not disappoint. The chocolate chip cookies tasted just like home baked cookies from the oven, and the brownies had that fudgy, rich flavor of brownies that have been taken out of the oven five minutes early. You know what I mean...when they're still a little gooey in the middle. Mmm...brownie heaven! I actually overheard one guy ask, "How can these be gluten-free?" I guess that says it all. If you don't know you're eating something gluten-free, then you know it's gluten-free as it should be.

*If you live in NYC, you can find Tully's baked goods here. And if not, you can order them online. They're worth the wait.


Lauren said...

I'm so glad these were wonderful! I know I've had my fair share of the pretty pic - bad in reality foods =D.

Grace said...

The pictures of the samples at Tully's are beautiful - If I was not so far away (Los Angeles) I would definitely try to win a free sample!

Betsy Metcalf said...

I LOVE Tully's goodies! I'm so jealous of people in NYC that can get them regularly.

Britt said...

I've only heard whispers about Tully's, but this stuff looks great. I seriously think I'm going to have to stop by tonight!


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