Monday, September 7, 2009

My Top 10 Favorite: Fat Free (Flavored) Yogurt Brands

I have a thing for fat free yogurt. And it's not just a passing fling; it's true love. It all started when I moved to New York and began craving yogurt with peanuts. It was (and still is) a winning combination. It came out of nowhere, but four years later and twenty pounds lighter, yogurt and I still meet for a rendezvous every day. Sometimes twice a day.

Although I try to stick to plain yogurt and avoid all that extra sugar, sometimes a little flavored yogurt love is all I need to curb those nighttime cravings. And after years of taste testing, I present to you my favorite yogurt brands. Although I'm a romantic and believe that love is something you can't explain, I'm also a pragmatist, so my choices are based on: taste, nutrition information, whether it's organic, and of course that all-important factor, price. The results speak for themselves.

10. Brown Cow Yogurt. I kind of like this yogurt just for the name and the pretty cow. According to the website her name is Lily, which incidentally is my childhood best friend's name. Not that that means anything.

Brown Cow Yogurt is slightly higher in sugar and carbs than some of the other yogurts on this list. But the flavors are delicious, and it doesn't have any icky sugar substitutes like aspartame (which would automatically have kicked it off this list).

9. This is Trader Joe's first appearance on the list, but it won't be the last. What can I say? It's cheap, natural, and has that little g right on the container to tell me it's gluten-free. What more could I want?

8. Stoneyfield Farm was my go-to yogurt before Trader Joe's opened up. I'll always have a special place in my heart for this brand. It's organic, it tastes wonderful, and the new Smooth and Creamy yogurts are exactly that. Smooth and creamy. I wish I could be more poetic, but that really says it all.

7. Wallaby surprised me. Perhaps because of the bright containers, I expected it to taste too sugary. But it was good, and as far as organic goes, it was comparatively cheaper than most.

6. Stoneyfield Farm gets to be on this list twice. Why? Because their Fruit on the Bottom yogurt is different from the Smooth and Creamy variety. Actually, I like to think of Fruit on the Bottom as the original yogurt. I got scared the first time I went to the store and found the new Smooth and Creamy yogurt. I thought they had discontinued the original flavors. I breathed a huge sigh of relief when I found Fruit on the Bottom. As much as I enjoy Smooth and Creamy, I lived on the original yogurt for years. It has less sugar and tastes slightly more natural to me. Note to Stoneyfield Farm: Please don't discontinue the Fruit on the Bottom yogurts!

5. My first taste of Greek yogurt was a revelation. A fat free yogurt that doesn't get that watery layer and tastes like it's full of fat? Could it possibly be true? It was true, and Chobani = love. My only criticism is that Greek yogurt tends to have a very slight chalkiness to it. Has anyone else noticed that?

4. Like Chobani, but organic. I don't know what else to tell you. It's yummy. I eat it a lot.

3. Again, basically the same taste as Chobani, but slightly cheaper and with less sugar.

2. Although Cascade Fresh came in at #2, I think of this as the real winner here. A Cinderella story if you will. I had never heard of Cascade Fresh until about a week ago when I decided I needed to try every yogurt brand I could find. I figured Stoneyfield Farm would be at the top, but Cascade Fresh beat out (almost) every yogurt on my list. Cascade Fresh tastes pretty much the same as the other yogurts on this list (which means amazing), but is lower in calories and sugar than many of the others. It's also the cheapest yogurt on this list. And if I were giving out bonus points, I would have given it some for stating clearly on their label that it is gluten free. I love any product that doesn't require research before I can buy it. If you haven't tried it yet, go for the Orange Cream...

1. And the winner is...Siggi's! I have to be honest with you here, I had trouble giving first place to a yogurt that sells for over $2. But it beat out the other yogurts in every category. Low in sugar, high in protein, and sweetened with agave nectar, it's really a yogurt snob's dream. And I am a yogurt snob. It's also the best tasting yogurt I've ever tried. For taste, there's no comparison. It may be expensive, which means I can't eat it every day, but for a special healthy treat, there's nothing like Siggi's. A word to the wise though, although my picture features the grapefruit flavor, it's actually the one flavor I don't recommend. Grapefruit and yogurt just don't go together. On the other hand, pomegranate and Passionfruit mix perfectly with yogurt.


Fitnut said...

Yum!! I eat vanilla yogurt every day with frozen blueberries. So delicious and such a healthy snack!

Jondahl said...

Love this post!! This house wouldn't run without Stonyfield...of every variety.

Jondahl said...

Love this post! Our house wouldn't run without Stonyfield...of every variety

Iris said...

Thanks Jondahl! See you in a couple of weeks!

Grace said...

This is a great post! Im glad you did your extra runs to different stores to get the different types of yogurt to finish this post off!

Alea said...

Cascade Fresh is our yogurt of choice. I was able to convert my dh, who was eating the fake sweetener stuff, because of the low calorie count. It is sweet enough for my dc without containg processed sugars. And I love the price!

Anonymous said...

Great list! I have to find a new favorite yogurt since Cascade Fresh folded...good to see some choices on here.


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