Saturday, June 13, 2009

Walk The Binge Away

I've discovered a new nighttime ritual. Often touted as a great way to avoid overeating or bingeing, but rarely used (at least according to my clients), a brisk night walk is my favorite thing to do these days. I've been getting home from work, making dinner (which consisted of heating up leftover BBQ Tofu Enchilada all week), having dessert (soy chocolate pudding blended with spinach and banana...I know I know...weird...but if spinach works in a smoothie, why not pudding?), and then sitting and contemplating eating more even though I'm already full. I'm not feeling the need for an all-out binge, but just wanting to eat more when I'm already full. So on Wednesday I put my shoes on and forced myself out the door for a walk. I ended up walking for an hour, with little sprinting bursts here and there (I think the spinach pudding gave me energy), and when I got home, I had no interest in unnecessary eating. I brushed my teeth and went to bed to read my book (and by book, I really mean food blogs). Thursday I had the same need to keep eating after dessert, so once again I got myself out the door. I came back refreshed and feeling good.

Today I was so exhausted after work that I took a two hour nap. I'd felt that binge monster coming on when I got home from work, so after my nap I dragged my boyfriend outside with me and we explored the neighborhood together. I think he was a little embarassed to be speed walking with me...he said it was "lady's walking." Silly boy.

We saw some beautiful sights on our walk. I love New York because no matter how long you live here, you can always discover a new neighborhood. And there's such a fascinating mix of the man-made and natural.

Plants and trash.

Hope in a place where you have to have bars on your windows.

Art on abandoned buildings.

And this little guy sitting all alone in the middle of the sidewalk. He seemed happy enough.

When I got home, once again I felt relaxed and without the urge to binge. It had been at least five hours since my dinner, so I made myself a light snack to keep from getting too hungry late at night. It looks strange, but was really very tasty. I put a handful of fresh strawberries, spinach (once again with the can't overdose on spinach, can you?), and a couple spoonfuls of Stoneyfield Farms fat free plain yogurt in the food processor and blended it all up. Then I added a drizzle of honey. Delicious, healthy, light. I'm content.


eatlivelovedream said...

Your food combos don't sound bad at all! Quite creative! and very yummy I'm sure:)

Kati said...

I love the idea of a nightly walk after would help with digestion so much better than plopping on the couch!


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