Sunday, June 28, 2009

Birthday Hiking!

The rain finally stopped! I've been looking forward to going hiking at Breakneck Ridge for weeks, so I was excited this morning to wake up and see the sun shining. All this rain has been getting me down. And since today's my 27th birthday, I've decided there's no more room in my life for being unhappy. 27 and 28 are two of my favorite numbers, so I figure the next two years are going to be pretty awesome. The last couple of years the best. Lots of depression, lots of confusion, lots of feeling that I'd lost my way. Well, I think I've finally found it again. So I decided to start my 27th year off by getting out of the city and back to nature. You can't breathe deeply in the city...well you can, but you feel like you're breathing smog.

The boyfriend and I got up bright and early and took a subway to a train to a stop in the middle of nowhere. Luckily there were some other people there too, so we followed them until we found the hiking trail. Along the way I found some black raspberries and happily ate away. I was so excited to be out hiking that I did a little dance, which made my boyfriend laugh and say I reminded him of my mom.

There were some beautiful blueberries too, but since I wasn't sure about them, I didn't eat any.

The hike took us four hours, and I loved feeling my muscles working in different ways than I'm used to. I like going to the gym, but there's nothing like hiking up a mountain to make your legs work. As I'm sitting here now, I can feel the soreness coming on, but it's a good feeling. I love feeling sore after a great workout!

Somewhere during our hike, we lost the path that was supposed to bring us back to town and ended up walking aimlessly for hours following little trail markers that never got us anywhere. Eventually, we left the markers and followed another path, hoping it would get us off the mountain. It did, but not before passing by an old car that looked severely beaten and had bullet holes in it. If I hadn't been feeling a little bit like an unsuspecting victim of a horror movie before then, I definitely did when I saw that car.

I stopped long enough to take a quick picture and then scurried along. Not too far past the car, we finally came into a clearing, with a big boarded up house and a No Trespassing sign. Again, can you say scary movie? A little bit freaky... Once past the house though, we turned onto a main road and asked someone for directions to the train station. He told us we were right in between two towns and could go in either direction. So we headed to the little town of Beacon (which has never ending signs for the downtown main street which try as we might, we couldn't find), our legs rubbery and feet aching. An hour later, we finally found the train station and a nice restaurant where we could stop and eat. We had to wait an hour to catch the train, so we sprawled out on the grass, exhausted.

It's been a great birthday. I got exactly what I wanted. A day of hiking with my boyfriend, sunshine, and a great workout. 27's looking good so far.

What's next? I'm off to San Diego in two days for my older sister's wedding! I have two whole weeks of vacation, and I get to spend it with my family and boyfriend in sunny California...what could be better?


Kati said...

Happy 27th!!! (that's my next one too) :) I'm glad you enjoyed it doing exactly what you wanted...have fun at the wedding!

LucindaSarina said...

Thanks Kati! You're a sweetheart!


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