Saturday, May 2, 2009


I've got a hankering for baked goods. Since I've begun my gluten-free journey, I've been enjoying countless gluten-free blogs and websites, and all of the delicious looking pictures have got me inspired. Plus it's getting warm out, and when the weather is nice, I'm happy. And when I'm happy, I want to put music on and spend the afternoons cooking and baking away in my little kitchen (And I do mean little; I live in NYC after all!).

There are only two problems.

The first is that some of these gluten-free recipes are a bit intimidating, since they require more than one type of flour, xantham gum, and other items I don't have stocked. That's easily solved. I'll find a simple recipe and work up to the more complex ones later.

Problem two? Every time I bake sweets, I eat too much. Then I feel sick. Until the next day when I do it again. By day three, everything's gone and my boyfriend's complaining that I didn't leave any for him. So this is where we get to the point...accountability. Weight loss counselors are a great support system for many reasons, but probably the most important thing we provide is a feeling of accountability. Did you see Kirstie Alley on Oprah this week? She said that as soon as she ended her contract with Jenny Craig, she started eating what she wanted and stopped exercising. Why? Because when she was on Jenny Craig, her consultant came to her house every week to weigh her in. Without someone to hold her accountable, she did what she wanted. And the great thing about having a weight loss counselor is that it's someone outside of your circle. You can't ask someone you're close with to monitor you and keep you on track. That's not fair to them and it's going to end up irritating you. Believe me... You might get irritated with your weight loss counselor, but it's her job and you're paying her to do it.

So today I'm holding myself accountable, and I'm using you to do it. This is my promise to myself and to all of you that I'll enjoy the cheesecake currently baking in my oven, but won't go overboard. I'll cut it into slices and have no more than one slice each day, and there will be plenty left over for others to enjoy too! So there it is. Once I post this, I can't go back. Can I? I'll let you know...

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