Sunday, April 26, 2009

9 Days Gluten-Free

I'm getting grumpy. I'm hungry and I want sushi and I'm grumpy. Why am I grumpy? Because I've realized that before I eat anything, I have to research it and find out if it's gluten-free. And according to many websites, sushi is not always as gluten-free as I assumed. Eel is out. That makes me want to pout and stamp my foot. Okay, fine then. I'll go with spicy tuna. But according to some people, that's not okay either. Well that was just enough to make me cry! But I went on the glutenfreegirl's website, and saw a post where she said she eats spicy tuna rolls. So I'm listening to her and pretending I never read the other post.

I've learned that I shouldn't read websites about eating gluten-free when I'm hungry. When I'm not hungry, I don't worry about the fact that I've still never been to Grimaldi's Pizzeria, which is touted as being the best pizza in Brooklyn. The line outside the door attests to that. And now I'm thinking, will I never get to try that? Of course I have to remind myself that I don't have Celiac disease and that this is a personal choice I'm making. I can eat all the gluten I want. So why am I sticking to this? There are a number of reasons:

  • Within a day of cutting out gluten, my mood swings seemed to disappear. I've always been a pretty moody person, but the past couple of years have seemed especially bad. "I have PMS!" I'd always tell my boyfriend. But truthfully it felt like I always had PMS. Well, I have to tell you that compared to 9 days ago, I feel much more even-keeled. And my boyfriend agrees. In fact, I heard him tell someone last night that he never wants me to eat gluten again!
  • That little pain under my ribs hasn't gone away, but I feel much less bloated than before and that's really nice.
  • I've realized that most of the foods that triggered binges for me had gluten in them. Pizza, bread, cereal, cakes, cookies, etc. My new carb sources, like rice, sweet potatoes, and corn tortillas don't trigger that urge to binge at all! So whenever I'm in that antsy mood and start thinking of cookies, I just remind myself that I don't eat gluten anymore and that seems to be enough to stop the craving before it really starts.
  • Social events are much less stressful now that I can't eat most of the food there anyway. Last night I went to a crawfish party. Someone brought some amazing looking chocolate chip cookie bars. Now normally I would have looked longingly at them for a few minutes before allowing myself to have one. But the problem is it wouldn't stop there. I would keep going back to the point that I would feel ashamed and worry that people were watching me. But last night? Not a problem at all. There were some great gluten-free corn muffins, and corn tortillas and guacamole. I enjoyed those and learned that I love crawfish. But I stayed away from the cookie bars and barely thought about them. Since eating them wasn't an option, there was no need to obsess over them.
  • And the last reason I'm sticking with it for now? If I feel this much better after only 9 days, how will I feel after 9 months? I want to find out. Even if it means giving up my eel sushi rolls. Sigh.

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