Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Where have all the recipes gone?

Hi there!

If you found your way here, it's because you're looking for a recipe.

Probably one of these.

But more likely, this one. (It's a fan favorite!)

So here's the deal.

I took my recipes down.

Yep, I took down over 400 blog posts and 7 years of public journaling. (That's basically what a blog is, right?)

If you want to know why, this short 4 minute video explains it all.

If you don't want to know why, that's totally cool too.

Now if you're bummed about the recipes, here's what you should know. I may turn all my recipes into an e-book someday...or maybe some other sort of project...I'm not really sure what.

I might not do anything with them.

I honestly don't know. 

However, figuring it out is not my focus right now. My focus is 100 percent THIS and 100 percent this:

Me and my boys! Thanks for the great pic, Nico Jensen!

Yes, that equals 200 percent.

If you'd like to know if and when all my recipes will be available again, you can join my mailing list by clicking on that yellow button. 

I created a mini e-book for you with my top 11 gluten-free recipes (spoiler alert: they're the photos I shared above).

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I won't lie to you. It's totally a bribe to get you to stay with me in my new - not so new really, I've been blogging there since 2013 - journey as a hypnotherapist and the founder of The Goldilocks Movement.

I don't share recipes with my mailing list. I share ideas like this. And this. And this. If that's your jam, awesome! Let's be besties. (You know, in that strange new internet friends kind of way). If not, grab your 11 recipe mini e-book and then unsubscribe from my mailing list. I'm okay with that.

(But if you do want to know when all my recipes are available, you'll have to stay on the mailing list. Because how else would you find out??)


p.s. If you have any trouble filling out the form, send me an e-mail at Iris@thedailydietribe.com and I'll make sure you get a copy of the e-book.

Be present. Have fun. Follow your intuition.